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Xander's Apology

Guest XanderDox

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This is an all round apology to anyone I've offended in the last week or two, I recently went through a lot of relationship drama, family drama and stuff like that, so I've been a tad off my game, and it's led to me being quite irritable when dealing with people both ICly and OOCly. I hope that I haven't offended anyone, and I sincerely am sorry to anyone that I have offended as it was never my intention to.

I really don't want y'all to end up hatin me cuz I don't have much friends IRL to spend time with if I get shunned here xD

If you do have issues with me, please please, contact me either on the forums or over skype (xanderdoxen) , I am always open to discussion and criticism, as long as its constructive.

Hope you all haven't been put off to much by my behaviour in and out of the game.

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To be honest, you're the only person that plays mostly as a head, and i've got to give it to ya, you're one of the most tenacious bastards i've ever seen, not telling it as a bad thing, but rather impressive dedication from ya, that you still play on and on.

Hell, if i played Head jobs 24/7 i would have whooped and spinned out from the server already, as to how much trouble you gota deal with.

Give yer self a nice short breaks once in a while okay mate? Over working is bad, trust me, and try to keep up in good terms to others! Cheers mate!

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