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Syndicate Item Idea: Hacked Drone

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This idea is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Available to Traitors and NukeOps, the drones would be identical to those spawned during NMV Icarus random events, and would in fact prompt the same message to the station, but wouldn't target anyone wearing an agent card.

Each purchase should come with a remote control (or perhaps a PDA cartridge) with a one-time use to spawn a drone, along with perhaps a "summon drone" option similar to the ability to summon Securitrons/Beepsky for security.

High cost, probably 6-8 telecrystals for a regular traitor, giving enough extra crystals to get an agent card and something else small. Maybe higher for nukeops to prevent them from having an absolute army of the things.

Maybe an option to have drones with different armaments. Taser, Ion, Lethal/Lasers, Lethal/Ballistics.

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This is the syndi-bot by another name. My experience with syndicate robots is that tend to be extremely lethal, no matter how nerfed.

We don't have a good way of partitioning system access for synthetics on this server either. This means that a syndi-drone would have station-wide access unless someone wanted to rewrite the entire ai_action system.

That system does need a rewrite, but it'd be a bit of a job...

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