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So! Yesterday I made a bunch of criticism in Xander's 'Law-bound IPC' thread and someone asked me if I could explain what I was actually arguing for, instead of just poking holes in other people's ideas.

I... realized I didn't know, so today I spent some time and wrote a proposal for the history and current taxonomy of artificial life.

You can find it here.

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I adore this, and it's objectively good for the reasons that Jamini stated. Also it's deliciously structured and formatted, making for a pretty wiki page. Please please this. +1


The format things are submitted in doesnt equal wiki page looks. The format code is completely different .

On another note, if players due wish for this is be our new IPC lore, Ill talk to Jackboot about it. But that means no event for you.

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Definitely seems interesting to me. Unsure about some of the more game play oriented aspects, namely the access codes. Not that I don't love the idea, but i'd imagine some frequent non-IPC synthetic players might not share the same view.

Otherwise, +1 all the way.

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I like most of this, but...

Why replace IPC's with the Shell? There are a lot of IPC's who specifically DON'T want to look organic (RENEGADE, for one. Andy feels pride in looking like a robot, but I'd be able to work it out.), at all, and would probably never be played again because of the change. Why not keep IPC's and ADD the Shell? They could have the same whitelist, even.

Also, attaching laws to the brain itself... Hinders a certain few RP oppertunities, like the one time my Roboticist gave a Psych Evaluation to a borg's true personality by putting them in a lawless spiderbot temporarily.

Edit: But then again, if they weren't attached BY DEFAULT, it gives oppertunity to RP as mechs safely without being crucified for letting loose a two ton death machine that hates humanity.

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Hey! Thanks everyone who likes this. Glad to know you feel that I wasn't completely off track.

To answer some questions and concerns.

@DeathlySoul: How will the existence of access codes change things for the station-bound synthetics like the AI and cyborgs?

Very little!

The AI and the round-start Cyborgs and Androids will start with the full set of access codes like usual.

The limitations on access codes will be mostly relevant for androids/shells/cyborgs/pAI's who are created on station during a round, or for Shells/IPC's who decide to acquire a binary modem.

I'll open a thread about this later, but the basic idea is 'If you don't get law-synced, you don't get full access.'

@TheCritsyBear: Wait, all my existing IPC characters won't look like robots anymore?


No no no no no!

They will.

It's just that they will have additional cosmetic options. You will still be able to choose to look like a totally robot-lookin' big-tv-head IPC-type guy. That is still totally a thing you will be able to do. That is a cool thing and I definitely don't want to get rid of that.

You will just have the option of having different kinds of non-TV heads, different kinds of brains, variable paint jobs, and synthetic skin. If you choose synthetic skin, you will be able to look like a squishy human (or fluffy Tajaran, or scaley Unathi), but that is not required.

I will also open a thread about this later.

@Xanderdox: This idea would invalidate the plan I had for a future event.

Eeeeh... kinda?

You mentioned two days ago that the event involved the government of Beisel replacing their police force with IPC's. That's still totally a thing that can happen, they'd just be 'police robots' rather than 'police IPC's'.

The same event can still work. I think.

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The event wouldnt work for this no, as that is merely the fluff of the event. Rather than the plan. Which is fine, I do like this, and if it gets accepted I dont have to do IPC lore which is fine by me.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This is wonderful. After consideration, I'm accepting this! I'm really glad to see the lore-team side of work is bringing us these stellar player-worked canon ideas.

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