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Unathi Enter The Bluespace Age


Evander Pierce - While the Unathi have been technically spacefaring since 2438 when they colonized Ouerea, the reality is far different. No power on Moghes has established a true presence in space. Nanotrasen owns and operates the system's sole bluespace gate, as well as the bluespace telecommunications satellite and other orbital infrastructure. The Izweski Hegemony - or Izweski Nation - has its Izweski Space Program, but it has only contracted Nanotrasen engineers and scientists to help it construct and launch various satellites.

That has changed today. Hegemon and Clan Leader S’kresti Izweski of the Izweski Nation today offered fealty to all spacefaring Unathi in space, the "Unathi Raiders" of the galaxy. The Hegemon offered them amnesty, service, and protection under the Third Hegemony. He called for them to "Remember their honour, and hold their ties to their homeland to bring it back from its suffering to a new age."

Already four well known raiders have responded, accepting the call for fealty. Combined, they have eighteen armed vessels and an estimated 200 'marines'.

These ships jumped into the Uueoa-Esa system, and were targeted by the stationed NMV Daedalus, but the incident was quickly diffused.

More communications show that more former raiders are answering the call, bolstering the newly formed Izweski Navy. Current estimates put the strength of this fleet as a fraction of the power of established races like the Sol Alliance or Jorgan Federation, but the action carries with it a huge political implication:

The Unathi are now an official bluespace capable civilization.

According to Galactic Law, they are now considered an established race among the stars. Already newly christened ships of the Izweski Navy are loading Lords and Clan Leaders to act as new diplomats for the race in the halls of the other powers. Lord Azioli Karkartus, current Lord of S'th, has been named by the Izweski Nation as the Ambassador to the Republic of Biesel and Nanotrasen. Moghes officials ignored comments that it's unusual for there to be a diplomat to two nations at once, with Hegemon Izweski seeming to have difficulty even distinguishing the difference between Biesel and Nanotrasen.

Azioli is expected to arrive in Tau Ceti shortly, where he will take up residence in the capital city in a refurbished former office building acting as the new embassy for Moghes in the Republic of Biesel.

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New Flagship of Moghes





Evander Pierce - This photo released by Nanotrasen shows one of the new vessels of the Izweski Navy, photographed by the NMV Daedalus during the initial contact between the two vessels. The vessel is reported to the HMV Cataclysm (Hegemon Military Vessel), which has an infamous reputation in the frontier of human space, where it is known to raid and pillage small asteroid outposts or undefended merchants. It is the new flagship of the Hegemon First Fleet, lead by Captain Rastaltor Timani, who was given the rank of Admiral of the Hegemony.

Timani has a reputation as infamous as his vessel. He is known for the harsh treatment of prisoners he enslaved during his time as a raider. So far no government or trans-stellar corporation has made official comments on someone with such a brutal reputation being the new commander of the new Izweski fleet, but several frontier colonies are expressing outrage, citing the family members they lost to the "Butcher Timani" and his cohort of "Blood Warriors", the name given to his troops, which are estimated to be numbered at one hundred and fifty thousand.

The ship itself is the most advanced of the new Izemut navy. It is a traditional design of Unathi raiders, with the long plasteel 'spear' at the front of the vessel. This is used to skewer ships when the ship rams into a target, holding it in place to let them ram their target in the desired area. The action itself has been known to split entire unarmoured ships in half.

We will get more information on this situation as it comes to us.

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Unexplained Explosion - NMV Daedalus Lost





Evander Pierce - Nanotrasen representatives this morning announced that contact with the NMV Daedalus was abruptly lost on 3:01:12 Galactic Standard Time. The above photo was released hours after this announcement after a sudden cancellation by the NT Board of Directors meeting in Biesel, with the announcement that the NMV Daedalus suffered a "catastrophic explosion" of unexplained origin.

The NMV Daedalus, a corvette, was stationed in Uueoa-Esa, the home system of the Unathi. It was tasked with defending Nanotrasen orbital assets around the two habitable worlds in the system, and was lightly manned by two hundred and fifty Nanotrasen ERT and navy officials, all assumed lost.

All telecommunications in Uueoa-Esa have been abruptly cut shortly after the announcement by the Nanotrasen spokesperson. They offered no explanation for this, saying more information would become available after a "review of the situation".

Experts are divided on the exact nature of the explosion, and its cause. But there is already a growing consensus that this is related to the Unathi Raider ships jumping into the system and forming into the Fleet of the Hegemony. Izweski officials have always been irritated at the presence of a Nanotrasen military vessel in their home system, and have long demanded that it leave.

The Unathi ambassador to Biesel and Nanotrasen, Lord Diplomat Azioli Karkartus, was also summoned to the NMSS Odin, where sources say he is meeting with Duty Officers and an unnamed corporate official, casting further suspicion that the Izweski navy may have been involved in this incident.

We will get more information on this stunning development as it comes to us.

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Nanotrasen Confirms Daedalus Attacked




Evander Pierce - Nanotrasen Representative Ivan Zanders today held a press conference with reporters in Mendell regarding the loss of the NMV Daedalus. Zanders has confirmed the suspicions of many analysts, declaring that the Izweski Hegemony "commenced hostilities" with the Nanotrasen corvette.

"The flagship of the Hegemony Fleet broadcast an order for the NMV Daedalus to vacate the system immediately, to which our corvette refused. In response, the Unathi ship HMV Cataclysm suddenly engaged its engines to full power, and rammed into the side of the Daedalus, breaching the hull and critically damaging it. Izweski commandos then boarded the ship, and seized control. The crew are all safe and are being held by the Izweski. We are continuing to negotiate for their release."

He went on to explain that the Izweski Marines then planted explosives in the ship, and detonated them once the Marines returned to the Cataclysm and withdrew to a safe distance. It is not known how many prisoners the Izweski commandos took, if any, nor how they received the necessary information needed to know the weaknesses of the Nanotrasen vessel, though espionage is suspected.

"Nanotrasen will not tolerate attacks on its assets." Ivan went on to say, explaining the Nanotrasen response to this incident.

"We are shutting down all of our bluespace telecommunications in orbit of Moghes, as well as indefinitely suspending all shuttleport services to and from the planet's surface. We will also shut down all satellites operated by NT in the system, and end our funding of the local Interstellar Aid Corps mission as we evacuate our personnel."

Nanotrasen currently owns almost all of the orbital and bluespace infrastructure in the unathi home system. By shutting all of these down, they are effectively blockading Moghes by omission and cutting it off from space. It is now impossible for anyone to enter or leave Moghes, as no known ships owned by Izweski are capable of orbital reentry and take-off. As well as this, all communications with the sector are completely dark.

We will get more information on this stunning development as it comes to us.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


Vote of No Confidence For Prime Minister Following Gaffe



Evander Pierce - Michael Douglas, current Prime Minister of the Sol Alliance and member of the Oath Party, today made a political gaffe during a speech to the Sol Alliance Senate that has cost him his career. In the speech, he condemned Nanotrasen aggression against the Izweski Hegemony, calling their actions "tantamount to 21st century imperialism." and offering full amnesty to all Unathi raiders and pirates currently under fealty to the Izweski Hegemony.

"Nanotrasen's hostility is unwarranted and, to be frank, embarrassing for all of humanity. The Unathi have little power of their own and it's no fault of theirs that they seek to try to establish some sense of control over their own home system. We would do the same in their situation. [. . .] Because of this, I'm issuing an executive order to give amnesty to all unathi raiders or pirates currently in fealty to the Izweski Hegemony."

Response was immediate. The Federalist Union, the party formed into a coalition with the Oath party to form the majority government, strained to distance themselves from the comments.

"There's a lot we still need to talk about," Union Senator Melissa Baker told reporters after the speech, "clearly there was a miscommunication in how to handle this situation."

The Atlas party leader Cesare Pietro Valerio Augistiani immediately called for a vote of no confidence as Oath and Federalist popularity plummeted to historic lows, with polls showing that only 17% of voter "approve" of the speech. He also gave a full remark to assembled press during a break in session.

"We of the Atlas party, are profoundly disgusted by the sheer...sheer traitorism shown by the Federalists today, it is merely unacceptable that Xenos are placed above our Human brothers on immunity," Augistiani told reporters, "his Government will not last much longer I swear to all of my brothers."

The vote of no confidence went through the Alliance Senate shortly immediately after the session resumed. The vote came out to 152 voting for no confidence, 70 voting in confidence, and 8 abstentions.

As a no confidence vote passes only through the Alliance Senate and not the Popular Assembly, Michael Douglas will now be forced to resign along with the rest of his cabinet.

With the current majority government effectively dissolved, snap elections are expected to be held to form a new government.

This stunning development is still on-going, and we will get more information as soon as it arrives.

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Nanotrasen Communication Satellite Seized by Hegemony

Sol Alliance Paralyzed


Ivander Pierce - Nanotrasen spokesperson Ivan Zanders confirmed twenty minutes ago that the Hegemony Navy had seized the telecommunications satellite for the Uueoa-Esa system.

"The automated defenses of the satellite were unable to prevent the hostile take-over," Zanders told reporters in the hastily assembled briefing, "but thankfully we managed to dismantle most of the sensitive equipment on our way out. The Hegemony will be unable to use the satellite."

The Hegemony currently has no known method of replacing the technology or parts missing from the seized telecommunication satellite. Nanotrasen's equipment on these stations are sensitive and very closely guarded.

"We continue to use the back-up satellite in orbit of Ouerea, which is in sovereign space of the Jargon Federation and Sol Alliance. Unless the Izweski want to declare war on both humanity and the Skrell, we are reasonably confident that the satellite is secure."

Unfortunately, it seems that there is currently little the Sol Alliance can do. The government has effectively dissolved with the entire executive branch being forced to resign following the vote of no confidence yesterday. The snap election to replace the government is not to take place until monday, leaving the entire Alliance without a functioning government for three more days.

The Jargon Federation are less gridlocked. As of publishing, four Jargon frigates jumped into the Unathi home system, parking in orbit around Ouerea. The Skrell have long held animosity for the Unathi, ever since a peace delegation to the surface of Moghes during the Contact War was shot down and slaughtered by the now-defunct Traditionalist Coalition.

The Hegemony itself seems to have settled itself down. While there is still no means to communicate with them due to the communication blockade by Nanotrasen, analysts have released information that the now forty ship strong fleet, composed of a mix of light cruisers, destroyers, and retrofitted former merchant vessels, is holding position around Moghes and have not made jumps to other areas of the system.

However, scattered reports from the Frontier show that there is renewed activity by Unathi raiders, and they are targeting known Nanotrasen or Einstein Engines research or manufacturing stations. It's unclear if these attacks are connected to an effort by the Izweski to seize necessary technology to reverse-engineer human technology to become independent of Nanotrasen infrastructure.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

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"Moghes Is Starving" Says Interstellar Aid Corps


Ivander Pierce - The Interstellar Aid Corps High Commissioner Catherine Gladwell today held a conference where she declared a "humanitarian crisis" unfolding on Moghes. High Commissioner Gladwell accused Nanotrasen of disallowing Interstellar Aid Corps shipments through the system bluespace gate.

The IAC has spent many years operating several aid stations on the surface of Moghes, most concentrated in the Izweski Hegemony on the planet's surface. Due to the catastrophic collapse of the planet's eco-system, many Unathi rely on the regular packages of dried or preserved meat, medical supplies and treatment, and mediation for conflict between feuding clans. The avowedly apolitical organization provides assistance to the Izweski and factions on the rest of the planet, but due to the high rate of attacks on aid personnel, mostly find their staff concentrated outside the urban areas of the Hegemony.

"Humanitarian aid is not something that you block over a political dispute," Gladwell told the press, "our aid is necessary to relieve the suffering so many people are experiencing on Moghes. The shut-down in shuttle service has even stranded our aid workers on the surface; our stations and aid camps are being flooded with refugees, but we don't have the resources needed to care for them. A hundred unathi are going to die every day if we don't get our supply lines reopened."

Nanotrasen offered no comment on the accusations made by the Interstellar Aid Corps, only citing "safety concerns" for the reasoning of their blocking travel into the system.

The Unathi Diplomat to Biesel and Nanotrasen Lord Diplomat Azioli Karkartus refused to meet with reporters, and acted angry and belligerent when pressed on the issue.


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Moghes Blockade Broken; Hegemon Speaks


Melissa Shi - Just moments ago, the telecommunications satellite in orbit around Moghes began transmitting a message from the Unathi Hegemony Hegemon S’kresti Izweski. The revelation that the Izweski Hegemony was able to repair the telecommunications satellite come as a shock, as the Hegemony was not expected to have the capabilities to repair such sensitive and advanced equipment.


S'kresti made several demands of the Sol Alliance and Jargon Federation, as well laying out the plans for the Hegemony to extend itself from Moghes and into the rest of the galaxy.


The original speech is in Sinta Unathi, and excerpts provided here are translated into Basic.


"We stand on a world suffering from the consequences of our limited visions. Now we are subject to the whims of alien powers far greater than ourselves. The only answer to our helplessness is forging our Empire across the stars and meeting with the spacefaring races on equal terms."


The Fleet of the Hegemony now consists of 112 ships, all of which were formerly members of the widespread and varied raiders or pirate factions. These ships are massed around Moghes, and so far have not made any further bluespace jumps. They have also been unable to land on the planet's surface, and with Nanotrasen's withdrawal of shuttle services, the planet remains isolated.


However, evidence of possible Hegemon expansion came later in the speech.


"The first step for us must be the return of our colony world Ouerea. Humanity and the Skrell assisted us in bringing our people to this new world, but rule it for themselves and cut us off from our kind. Our ancestors call on us to join back together in the face of the dangerous galaxy."


Ouerea is jointly managed by the Sol Alliance and Jargon Federation. Recent census information shows that as of June 2457, there are 13,483 Unathi living on the planet, along with 11,392 human administrators and immigrants, 983 Skrell administrators and immigrants, 93 Tajaran immigrants, and 12 Dionae. In orbit of the planet is a single detachment of the Sol Alliance fleet and four Skrellian corvettes, but Sol Alliance Prime Minister Chater's policy of reducing Alliance presence in alien systems may see the garrison on the planet winded down. His reaction to this possible threat against the planet has yet to be seen.

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Shots Fired Over Ouerea; Federation Scrambles for Negotiations


Melissa Shi - Sources within the Solarian Alliance Navy reveal that a pitched standoff between Nralakk Federation and Izweski vessels occurred above Ouerea only thirty minutes ago. An Izweski battlegroup, mostly consisting of privateers, allegedly fired a volley from their ballistic weapons in the general direction of the Skrellian vessels in orbit above Ouerea. The volley was intentionally fired to not hit any Federation vessels but was allegedly a "notification of presence" by the Izweski ships. 


The Federation vessels did not return fire, as the fire trajectory and placement of the Hegemony vessels was apparently "obviously a grandstanding statement, and not a declaration of hostilities". The vessels did, however, position themselves in a defensive manner, and both parties quickly entered communication with each other. Our source in the Alliance Navy tells us that the Hegemony vessels have confirmed that they have Skrellian prisoners, - troops whose transport was apparently hijacked just before the confrontation and redirected to the Hegemony fleet.


The prisoners in question are more than likely Qukala marines, assigned to one of the Federation vessels, with the exact number of prisoners unknown at this time. Their status is currently unknown, but it can be assumed that the prisoners are being kept alive and well as part of some larger plan related to Ouerea by the Izweski nation.


An official response from the Nralakk Federation has not been given, but the current behaviour of the Grand Council is apparently evident that something has happened; the Grand Council of the Nralakk Federation has apparently called for a closed meeting, meaning only councillors and top advisors have been ordered to attend. A representative of the Federation government, Yuxa'Qul Jixre, who has led Federation efforts to administrate Ouerea, is expected to give the Federation's official response to the developing situation in the near future.


While the Solarian Alliance has increased its alert level in the region, no combat between its detachment and the Hegemon fleet has been reported and the fleets remain in orbit on opposite sides of the planet.


Hegemon S’kresti previously demanded that Ouerea be returned to the Izweski Nation, and now seems to be enforcing his demand with the recently formed Fleet of the Hegemony. Moghes remains cut off from the rest of the galaxy due to Nanotrasen withdrawing shuttle services.


Prime Minister Chater has not yet commented on the crisis.


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Sol Alliance Cedes Ouerea


Melissa Shi - Prime Minister Chater has announced that the Sol Alliance would be ceding the planet Ouerea to the Izweski Hegemony. The fleet detachment in its orbit has been ordered to return to Sol Alliance territory after conducting escort operations for the evacuating planet administration.


Prime Minister Chater explained this move in a public speech at the capital, Unity City.


"We don't intend to die for a planet that we have little need for, but every citizen must be protected. The safety of our citizens is our first and foremost goal!"


The Izweski Hegemony has already named a noble to rule Ouerea: Tarkart Yiztek. He was announced as the Overlord of Ouerea along with several more high ranking nobles to act as Lords beneath him for Ouerea.


Overlord Yiztek has recently been observed to have boarded one of the privateer vessels that make up the new Izweski fleet, and it's suspected that they are there to observe the handling of Skrellian prisoners. More information on the prisoners and their capture has been unveiled as well; the total number of prisoners is twelve, and were caught unaware as their transport was refuelling when a group of radical Ouerean natives stormed the port and captured both the marines and their shuttle. The group then piloted the shuttle towards the Izweski fleet and handed the Skrell over before taking their leave. Rumors are abound surrounding these Ouereans, from them being disgruntled soldiers of the contact war looking for retribution, to secretly being pirates hired by the Hegemon to gain leverage over the Federation. 


The Nralakk Federation Office of Diplomacy has announced that they are willing to negotiate with the Izweski Hegemony only if the Skrellian prisoners are immediately released as part of any future deal. Lord Diplomat Azioli Karkartus to the Republic of Biesel and Nanotrasen gave a statement that hinted that the Hegemony would be willing to agree to this deal. While no official has explicitly said so, it is expected that the Federation would be willing to follow the Solarian Alliance in ceding their half of the planet to the Hegemony as part of the negotiations.


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Peaceful Transfer of Power Brokered; Ouerea Now Fully Under Hegemony Rule


Melissa Shi - A representative of the Grand Council of the Federation announced that a deal has been struck between the Nralakk Federation and the Izweski Hegemony regarding Ouerea.


Admiral Noij and the First Fleet of the Federation will be entering Ouerean space, establishing a defensive position to allow Skrellion personnel to evacuate the planet, which has now been fully ceded to the Hegemony. Along with this, the dozen Qukala marines captured and held prisoner for the past week have been safely transported to the First Fleet as per the agreement made between the two powers.


As well as this, the Federation has announced that it will be suspending diplomatic ties to the Unathi species "for the foreseeable future":


"The relationship between our species has been marred by setbacks and high tensions." The former Representative to the Izweski Hegemony Koeiji told reporters, as they announced their government's decisions, "...it is clear that true cooperation between our species will be near-impossible. The Federation is therefore recalling its representatives to the Izweski Hegemony, and all formal diplomacy between our two nations is suspended until such a time that we believe past and current transgressions can be resolved amicably."


Political commentators have expressed surprise that the Nralakk Federation has decided to completely suspend diplomatic relations with the Hegemony, considering the nation's reputation for perceptive and farsighted foreign policy.


Ouerea Overlord Yiztek has already landed on the planet's surface, shortly after overseeing the transfer of the Qukala marines. Hegemony soldiers have entered the planet's capital of New Skalamar, where reports say they have been largely welcomed with open arms by the Unathi citizenry.


With Ouerea now under full Hegemony control, there are still notable populations of both Humans and Skrell who have opted to stay on the planet than return to their respective nations. While their legal status on Ouerea is still in question, the Hegemon has stated that they have no intention to forcibly remove the non-Unathi population of Ouerea. The fact that many of these Humans and Skrell are highly qualified in their field of work may have influenced the Hegemon's decision to allow them to stay.

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Hephaestus Industries Announces Hegemony Partnership


Melissa Shi - Shuttle service today returned to Moghes as Hephaestus Industries has replaced Nanotrasen in a new deal with the Hegemony. The mega-corporation, currently the second largest in the known galaxy, will provide schematics and parts for shuttle vehicles for the Hegemony. In return, the corporation retains exclusive rights of shuttle access to and from the planet's surface, as well as to the system itself.

"The shuttles are a new model," a Hephaestus spokesperson explained, "the unathi were delighted on the design, but insisted that we add cosmetic spikes. They kept telling us that spikes look cool, so we decided to adapt our schematics to include this preference, though EVA around the shuttles will have to carry additional safety precautions."

The first shuttles docked on the surface of Moghes' in the cities of Skalamar and Ma'ha'rem early this morning, reuniting Unathi with their families or clans. As well as this, humanitarian aid from the Interstellar Aid Corps resumes, with hundreds of tonnes of food and medical equipment being shipped to the Aid Camps on the planet's surface.

Economic development is also kickstarting as Moghes' begins to integrate into the galactic economy, with cargo docks being constructed by Hephaestus Industries in the planet's orbit and on the surface. Economic potential is limited due to the severe damage to the planet's ecology, but many Unathi may now see a future in cargo or mining positions as Hephaestus funds exploratory missions of the system for any potential Plasma deposits.

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