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Pyrotechnics2 Head whitelist app

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BYOND key: Pyrotechnics2

Character names:John Jackson(there are more but when i filled this out i was in game)

How long have you been playing on Aurora?:4 or 5 months

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?:So that i can be at a higher position on the station, also so i can challenge myself at being able to do many things at once

Why did you come to Aurora?:So that i could play a fun 2d role-playnig game

Have you read the BS12 wiki on the head roles you plan on playing?:Yes i have(many times)

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Roleplaying, is channeling a character that is not your own, and living through that character. It's like writing a biography, but it's in real time and there are other writers doing the same thing and all of them are telling their own version of the story. Through the characters we create, we weave our own stories that can be enjoyable for everyone involved.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Heads of staff are important, they keep people in line, ensure their department is running smoothly, and coordinate with other heads of staff to try and help them as best as they can

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:It is to provide the most welcoming atmosphere to everyone who enters into the game, also provide/set examples for both standards of action and equality amongst the players, as well as to provide a proper figure to learn from in terms of characters who might one day also seek to hold those positions.

Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions.

Character name:John Jackson

Character age:42

Please provide a short biography of this character (approx 2 paragraphs): He was born on a distant station, a small station. At the age age 10 he learned two jobs, how to clean and how to grow plants. As he grew up he stuck with growing plants, but around the age of 17 he was given command training and had his mind set on being command staff.

But it has been many moons since then, now he has had a position on the security team. He has been working here for some time now(about 15 years). He has learned the ins and outs. John is now trying for the head position of Head of Security, also Captain.But he is also trying to master the art of keeping his cool when something big happened as he can over react about some things. Aswell as trying to take all information into account.

What do you like about this character?: He has the ability to command a large group of people and can handle many things at once. Aswell he is a bit of a bastard but puts the crew first and will stop at nothing to protect them.

What do you dislike about this character?:He is easily annoyed and does not like people that ask for things more than once, if he is asked more than once his answer for the most part does not change.

What do you think makes this character fit to be a head of staff?:he ensures the safety of the crew and stops at nothing to ensure they stay safe of his station. Aswell he likes things to run smooth, all paperwork filed, all departments running fine, ect. Aswell he is good at throwing ideas back and forth for someone and back to try and fix a problem


Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?:8.5

Extra notes:

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This is Pyrotechnics' 5th attempt at a Head of Staff Whitelist application. I suggest anyone who plans on posting on this thread first reads the previous threads. I've not seen any improvement on the part of his previous character, Jack O'Keefe, but I welcome anyone to give feedback on Pyrotechnics' RP. I've not had good experiences with his characters and I think he is not presently capable of functioning as a Head of Staff player.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised by Pyrotechnics' RP at some point in the future, but this has not happened yet. I wish Pyrotechnics the best of luck, but I can not approve of his application because of the impression his previous characters left on me and others. (See previous threads for details.)

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Well Loww you have a point, but this app. is not for Jack O'Keefe it is for John Jackson so judge John not Jack. Because if someone ICly were to ask you "Hey, what do you think of John Jackson" you couldn't say "Well his other characters left a bad impression on me". You would need to say what you think of John.

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It is your fifth attempt at a whitelist without any real positive feedback or hope you'd do well in a head of staff role.

I don't think anything is going to change, sorry.

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I've been kinda silently watching you since your first application, (speaking of which, did you make a forum account to +1 it? I've never seen a hollywood undead person in game and that's their only post... weird) and I'd think you still have room to improve, personally. John Jackson, from what I've seen, is basically the same character that Jack was.

I hope you take this as constructive critism and points to improve on:

-Rational thinking. I see you get angry and do weird things a lot.

-Chucklefucking - you do things a lot, I see, just because it makes you laugh. I remember you took people out of their cryo pods and beat them to crit because "They were in my pod"

-Diversity - the two characters I've seen you play are pretty much the same thing

I do mean well with this. I hope you can improve and get the whitelist.

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Application Denied. However, please don't let this discourage you from applying in the future. If you'd like to know the reasons behind this, please PM Aqy and TishinaStalker. It's recommended you contact us, so that we may help you learn from mistakes and improve your chances of being accepted next time, before putting in another application. Good luck!

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