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Unban Request

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Name: cameron110

Amount: 3 days

Admin: Tuiee

Reason: "Everything in his notes should be enough, but end of round grief was the catalyst."


1. I'd like to know what theses notes say, so transparency would be nice.

2. Seems like an over reaction.

Some crazy lady was screaming the whole ride back, so I got up from my seat and slapped her, then went back to my seat. It is not like I went on a killing spree.

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Normally, I'd let stuff like that slide, but I had just announced to the entire server that attacking another person on the shuttle is considered end-round grief, and that anyone who did so would receive a three day ban. It can't get any clearer than that.

Your notes are where admins write down previous incidents. Yours contain the issue with you and another player poking each other's eyes out with cigars and the subsequent warnings to you both about doing so again. Incidentally, they also contain what happened in the round after that, when you and the same player gored each other with pickaxes.

I see no reason to lift this.

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