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Quality of life improvements for RnD


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So, it's fairly universal that RnD is uh... well. Crap. It's been crap for a while, with not a whole ton of useful designs and a terrible interface to boot.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of doing massive NanoUI code, especially for a console so rediculously complex, but I wonder if many people would object to a little quality of life buff?




Yes, that is sorting for the protolathe.

This, in addition to a few extra designs (mostly focused around engineering, as they have a general lack of useful tools to get from RnD) is what I am currently working on.

What do you say, Aurora?

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holy crap protolathe sorting you've no idea how reasonably useful this would be

I happen to like it, however. Reference it in a pull request, maybe?

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It's not ready for a pull request yet.




Information Technology
-Tech Disk
-Design Disk
-Clone Data Disk (NEW)

PDA Cartridges
-All cartridges

Engineering Equipment
-Power cells
-Light Replacer
-Heavy Duty Flashlight
-Plasma Cutters
-Meson Scanners

Medical Equipment
-Mass spectro
-A. Mass spectro
-reagent scanner
-A. Reagent Scanner
-MOST Implants
-Bluespace beakers
-Rapid syringe Gun

-Laser Pointer
-Freeze Ray
-Floral Somatory

High-Risk Items
-Freedom Implants
-Chameleon Jumpsuits

-Energy Shields

Bluespace Technology
-Bluespace crystal
-T.Comm equipment


Current planned sorting, roughly.

with this change, the MISC header on the Mechfab would be converted to Engineering Equipment.

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