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Species Gentallia

Guest XanderDox

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This is actually a legit question, and it got shut down with an OOC mute because apparently discussing the anatomy of a fictional species is PG-14+?? (Didnt know we all missed grade six sex-ed and are sheltered) . Besides that, Im actually curious, do the other species like Tajaran and Unathi have the same reproductive organs humans do? Or more similar to the ones that their animal species they're based off?

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OOC is PG-13 because of the TOS agreement with RKSzone, which supports and maintains the server, not because we're all sheltered and never took sex-ed.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Topic pruned.

Okay, there are two reasons this question is not going to be elaborated on.

1) It's not necessary to know about genitalia to roleplay correctly. We've gone this far without talking about penises, and we will continue to survive without talking about penises. And whatever your individual intentions are, we all know the target audience for discussing the mating habits of our anthropomorphic furry creatures, and it's not xenobiologists.

2) We have actual agreements with the people who make this server possible to not permit ERP or adult material. Information on penises counts as adult material. So in order to continue to exist, the staff isn't going to elaborate on penises or mating habits. If you want to have a detailed conversation on this, do it over Skype because you're not getting it in an official capacity, full stop. Get over it.

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