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Incident Report - Victor Kaipov

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Reporting Personnel:Ryu'dalen Mo'taki

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Assistant

Personnel Involved: Victor Kaipov (Warden) Misc other crew members

Time of Incident: End of shift.

Location of Incident:Departures

Nature of Incident: [X]Workplace Hazard [X]Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: An adamantinite golem was going around departures. It had broken windows so that the crew could get aboard the departures shuttle. The Ai locked the doors due to a virus. Victor Kaipov had thought the best course of action for taking down the hostile was to shoot the antique lazer gun, at the Golem, in a room full of people. He ended up hitting Ryu and Rozhad Alakiv for sure. He had heard multiple people also complaining of being shot.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: It was the end of shift, no time.

Additional notes: Victor Kaipov is constantly positioned as an interim head of security. He does not feel safe with someone this poor at decision making holding the responsibility and fire power the Commander and Warden position hold. Also he is fairly certain Kaipov stole the antique lazer gun from the captains office, but that is besides the point.

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