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Gaia and Ares Initiative Associated - GAIA

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Type: Faction/political party

Founding/Settlement Date: Formally; 22APR2447

Region of Space: Sol system, anywhere Sol diaspora resides

Controlled by: -suggestions appreciated-

Other Snapshot information: A new Sol-oriented party trying to benifit from the recent political instability

Long Description:

Since the time of the civil wars, Earth and Mars have lost their status as jewels in the crown of human space. A significant portion of the Sol Alliance's vast population has subsisted, rather than thrived, in the meanwhile. From the arcologies and biodomes of Mars to the overcrowded megacities of Earth, many denizens scrape by in different degrees without ever speaking up, not caring for the politics that define their future. Another part of the people live with what they were taught in their youth, that the actions of Earth-centered government once brought devastation and poverty on them, emphasising that if they cannot support themselves, no one will. Lastly, there are the most vocal ones, who will always try to blame others for their own problems.

Despite being the largest voting body in Sol Alliance, thus having the largest pull, many people of Sol have felt neglected by their government, as it tends to favour the will of rich colonies rather than them. After centuries of constant debates and no significant action being taken, on 22th of April, 2447 - about ten years back from the present - the Gaia and Ares Initiative was formed. It grew into a party soon after, with the suffix 'Associated' to give the movement a political voice. It was named after the alternative names for Earth and Mars to allude to the deep cultural tradition they possess, which spans more that 6000 years of civilisation. Indeed, Mars less so, but its connection with Earth and significance in the legacy of humanity make it the pride of its inhabitants.

The party itself has been steadily growing, rallying a lot of members and support from the Sol system as well as those who had to leave it looking for work and a better way of life. GAIA has advocated the development and investment into its home system's economy in the ten years since its inception.

The idea it advocates most fervently is multiculturalism. It fights the cultural homogenisation the Sol Government is advocating, with the ultimate goal being to socialise it to the point of equal benefits for each citizen, which will drastically increase the living conditions of Mars, Earth, and frontier worlds as a by-product of this goal - at the expense of the rich colonies, of course. GAIA tends to view xenoculture as invasive, while accepting any member of an alien species who wishes to integrate into human society.

Being viewed as The Opposition since their founding, they have a reputation of being reactionary and extremist, despite very mild ideas by modern standards. With recent political instabilities, they have stepped out as an alternative to both the former government and Atlas, wanting to separate Sol Alliance from other alien civilisations as well as punish the exploitative habits of corporations.

Note: Reworked and factually checked, courtesy of Crescentise.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I'm so glad you posted this when you did. I'm going to not only accept this, but with your blessing, include GAIA on the ballot for the Sol Alliance election that is upcoming, giving it a chance to get solid numbers (and a possibly majority) control of the Alliance executive cabinet.

I will PM you for details.

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