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The Free-Thinkers Alliance - Aurora Branch

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[The following paper is posted on various bulletin boards throughout the Aurora.]


The Free-Thinkers Alliance - Aurora Branch


Due to the recent arrival of the Christians of Tau Ceti Organization on the Station Aurora, the Free-Thinkers Alliance is also establishing a branch in response.

The human mind should be able to reach it's own decisions regarding the mysteries of the universe, guided by reasonable fact, evidence and mathematical wisdom.

We exist in an age of alien contact, of scientific progress and creation that completely dwarfs in scale any other era in human history; And we march forward, arm in arm with our new alien allies towards a golden era of understanding and progress dictated not by magical thinking but built upon the reason, accomplishments and studies published by the previous generations.

We believe that religion answers all the questions in the universe, and limits the scope of organic curiosity and thought. As such, we reach out for those curious to think for themselves, to study scientific evidence and to reach their own conclusions. If you're interested in joining the Free-Thinkers Alliance of Aurora, please contact the author of this missive, Rebecca McGrath, a station engineer and Branch Head.

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