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Mecca Bluespace Station - MBSS

Guest Bokaza

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Type: Station/artifical satelite

Construction Date: 2432

Region of Space: Sol System

Controlled by: Joint ownership by Sol Alliance and NanoTrasen

Other Snapshot information: A station that serves both as the largest bluespace beacon in human space and a space Elevator. Location is above Mecca in a geostationary orbit. Muslim fluff lore.

Long Description:

Due to their obligation to pray towards Mecca, muslim astronomers and cartographers were among the best in the world, all throughout the middle ages. We attribute many inventions in fields of math and even the compass to muslim scientists. As muslims spread across the world and later the stars, more and more complex systems of pinpointing Mecca were created.

Somewhere after the construction of first Bluespace Drive, when bluespace beacons were yet to be fully implamented, a construction on the Mecca Bluespace Station started. Under the supervision of the Sol Alliance, the most prominent muslim businessman pulled in their resources with NanoTrasen to place the Earth's beacon onto the newly created space elevator.

In 2432, on the 1800th Anniversary of Muhammed's last supposed journey to Mecca and establishment of Hajj, the Mecca Bluespace Station was completed and opened for use. First, it would function as a space elevator, allowing people on pilgrimage from across the stars to dock directly at the station and descend at close proximity to the holy city of Mecca.

As technology developed, the bluespace beacon would far surpass its utility as a navigation tool for space travel. Soon after, advanced computers specially attuned to the Mecca Station beacon, called Mecca Recievers, would be created. Prominent muslim communities and Mosques in the nearby cluster would install these devices and use their advanced coordination technology to locate the direction of Mecca for prayer. Further and further, both the beacon and technology for pinpointing it would be upgraded.

Today, Mecca Bluespace Station, and subsequently Earth, boasts the largest bluespace beacon in human space. Across many star systems, billions of muslims can use their PDAs and other, special, expensive handheld devices to connect to the nearby Mecca Recievers over the extranet and the internet, so they can always identify the direction in which to pray. The station itself now serves both as an important space traffic terminal and a tourist attraction, with many hotels located on it.

As part of the agreement, due to security issues tied with knowing specific coordinates, NanoTresen Space Station and vessels do not allow occupants of to use the local Mecca Recievers to locate it, instead, their bluespace communication devices contain special algorithms that do this instead. Muslims onboard Aurora can use their PDAs to locate Mecca for prayer, but only if the required systems are active. Many other secure vessels and stations use similar systems.

Note: Fact check for science shit, not sure what the minimal and maximal lattitudes for Space Elevators are and how exactly Bluespace is intended to work, used Wiki for reference.

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