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The Cancelled IPC Event

Guest XanderDox

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This is the event plan for the IPC event that was cancelled due to the shift in IPC lore to Jackfractals as opposed to mine. Just thought I'd put it here for feedback on my event planning skills.


Event Plan

Required Volunteers -

  • Around 5. Three temporary, three permanent.

    3 people to play lawed-IPCs

    2 people to play ERT/Private Security escorts (temporary)

    1 person to play BRI VIP/Executive

    Admins to be present for administrative reason


OOC - An event to follow two newscasts that will be set to global on the forums. Those will take up two days, event should take place on the third day. Will be followed by a final newscaster, followed by a feedback thread.

OOC Schedule

Event Schedule

Pre-Event Start -

Post Event Plan, and Newscast examples in the Loreboard

Post IC event plan variant in Head of Staff board

Get Admin permission, have event plan reviewed, and okay'd.

Plan dates

Event Start -

Day One - IPC Lore_Newscast 1 goes up.

Day Two - IPC Lore_Newscast 2 goes up.

Day Three/Four - In game event occurs, see 'IPC Event Plan'

Day Four/Five - IPC Lore_Newscast 3 goes up, Head of Staff IC debrief is posted in Head of Staff section. Feedback thread goes up.

Day Five/Six - Lore Team discussion on event execution, regrets/mistakes/future ideas.

Possibly Miranda Trasen herself visits the NSS Aurora to speak to staff and apologize formal?? - Discuss

Goal - To introduce some new IPC lore, as well as try to start some conflict between organic and synthetic crew in future shifts. Will hopefully be fun and interesting.

Brief Summary -

A BRI Executive and two ERT Guards will deliver three IPCs to the NSS Aurora as part of the new contract between the Republic, NanoTrasen and Biesel Robotics. There will then be a brief PR speech and the Exec will leave with their guards.

The IPCs will then start behaving eratically, beating those they arrest, committing unlawful arrests, before going completely rogue and attacking all non-synthetics.

Roles and Their Jobs -

3 Lawed IPCs - (To be served by players, preferably IPC whitelisted, but totally okay if not) The three lawed IPCs are part of the newest contract between NT, the RoB and Biesel Robotics. They are to arrive, be assigned as Security Officers, and subsequently slowly show signs of malfunction until finally going rogue. They will have laws, which will be something dictating their loyalty to NanoTrasen, serving the assigned role given to them by NanoTrasen, and protecting their own existence. (This is where the conflict will come in, own existence will be mal-coded and prioritized over the others, IPCs will then have critical error and register all non-synthetics as threats)

2 ERT/Private Security escorts - (Should be admins or DOs, trusted players are okay) These will either be NT ERT guards typical for DOs, or Private Security Officers working for Biesel Robotics. They're only mission onboard is to protect the BRI Executive, they are not to antag hunt or assist onboard security. They are basically authorized to kill anyone threatning the life of the BRI Executive, as any harm to them could threaten the contract. They will leave with the BRI Exec, play around on Odin or ghost and be granted a respawn

1 Biesel Robotics Incorporated VIP/Executive - (Player) Will be the Director of Integrated Positronics Research and Manufacturing from the BRI Board of Directors. They are there to simply oversee the delivery of the IPCs, the assignment of them to Security Officer positions, and speak to the Roboticists if any, or RD if one, and ask them to supervise the new IPCs. They should then give a speech in the holodeck to the crew regarding the contract and improved relations between BRI and NanoTrasen. They then will leave, and may play around at the Odin, or ghost and be given a respawn.

PR Speech for Executive -

Greetings, I am Dr. Petrov , and I serve as the Director of Integrated Positronic Research and Manufacturing for Biesel Robotics Incorporated. If you have kept up with the news, you may know that yesterday, NanoTrasen and the Republic of Biesel entered a contract with Biesel Robotics. This contract outlined the creation of IPCs to serve for both the Republic and NanoTrasen. 1570 IPCs were created purely for the Republic, these units are now serving as police officers on Biesel and New Gibson, and reserve soldiers, this has helped NanoTrasen signifcantly, as they can now lower their Fleet Security Force's presence in Tau Ceti, and begin to hand over complete control of the system's policing back to the government.

Now, 130 IPCs were created for NanoTrasen by this contract. 23 of those 130, have been delegate to Tau Ceti to serve as Security Officers, three for the NSS Aurora, five for the NSS Exodus, 15 to the NMSS Odin. The remaining 107 were dispatched to outer-rim and frontier worlds to ensure security of mining operations where the NTFSF does not operate.

I am glad to present you with these three IPCs today, may this be the first step, in improved relations between Biesel Robotics, NanoTrasen, the Republic of Biesel and the Synthetic Community.

Thank you.


CC Announcements -

(To be made a few minutes before the group is ready to go to the Aurora)

First CC Announcement

Greetings. This is your CEO, Miranda Trasen speaking, . I am pleased to announce that the contract between NanoTrasen and Biesel Robotics has gone through. A delivery of IPC units is on route to your station as designated per the contract and will be accompanied by a Biesel Robotics executive. These IPCs are to be assigned as Security Officers. You are expected to be on your best behaviour during the executive's stay. They will also be giving a brief speech during their tenure on the station, which all crew are required to attend. Further details are available in the Head of Staff terminal.

(To be made to cue the IPCs to go full rogue)

Second CC Announcement

*laser fire is heard for a few moments*

This is Duty Officer Alexander Torry, the Odin has raised to Red Alert. We have had a major security breach, we believe your station may be breached as well, you are instructed to detain all onboard synt-

*abrupt laser fire is heard, before a large gurgle and then thump. A robotic voice begins speaking*

This is an automated announcement. The Odin has been lowered to Code Green. Security breach handled. Continue work as usual.

Third CC Announcement

(To be made should an emergency shuttle be called, or CT)

This is Commander Creed of the NanoTrasen Fleet Security Force. The NMSS Odin has been secured, and the docking bay has been secured for your arrival, pardon the mess. I wish to inform you that the prior announcement was the result of an attack on our Communications Center here on the Odin, launched by internal forces. For those concerned, Madam Trasen, and all civillian staff were secured safetly in the Odin Citadel.

You are to detain all IPC units for processing on the Odin and begin evacuation/transfer


Newscasts for the two days leading up to event-

Newscast 1

It has now been 14 years, after a terrorist attack on Nova Concordia threatened to take the lives of the Executive Council and their clerical staff. On June [date] 2443 , a terrorist, later confirmed to be a member of the Syndicate , managed to evade Nova Concordia Security at Arrivals and Customs, and make their way to the upper levels of the station. After locating the meeting area where the Prime Minister was meeting with the rest of the council, the operative rolled an improvised grenade into the room, unbeknownst to the Executive Guards. However, the Prime Minister's very own IPC Clerical Assistant, Designation 'Penny' , who had not been under the influence of laws, was able to detect the subtle sound waves caused by the grenade, and managed to jump onto the explosive just as it was exploding, its chassis was consumed by the explosion but was able to mitigate the blast. Leaving only a few staff members injured. Penny's final words were 'M-master i-s-s-s... Safe' .

It was later deemed irreparable. The remains of its chassis are now on display in the Prime Minister's Office on Nova Concordia, and it's positronic brain was returned to Biesel Robotics Incorporated.

It is today, on the anniversary of this attack, Prime Minister Salvatore Abbiati is meeting with the Governor of the Biesel Republic, NanoTrasen CEO Miranda Trasen, and the Biesel Robotics Incorporated Board of Directors at the NanoTrasen Headquarters to discuss giving military and police contracts to BRI to create over 1000 IPC units to bolster the numbers of soldiers and officers operating in the Tau Ceti System. This decision has come under fire by SIM (Synthetic Intelligence Movement), as the IPCs created for the contract would be under the influence of loyalty laws for over 6 months, before being offered the option to buy their freedom.

Assistant Director of SIM, Dr. Patrick , had this to say:

"This is an absolute giant slap in the face to all of us who support IPC freedoms and rights. To even consider a timed contract that is over the amount of time that an IPC would have to work to pay for its freedom is asinine and ridiculous, have we not come far enough? And to smear 'Penny's Day' with this atrocity to IPC rights... Absolutely repugnant."

Check back tomorrow to hear the decision of this meeting

Newscast 2

Today the decision of the meeting between the Prime Minister, Governor of the Biesel Republic, CEO of NanoTrasen Corporate Conglomerate Miranda Trasen, and the Biesel Robotics' Board of Directors has been announced.

BRI will be given a contract from the Republic of Biesel, to produce 1570 IPCs in an effort to bolster the ranks of the Republic Space Authority. IPCs will occupy low-ranking military positions and serve as police officers and investigators for the Republic, they will be required to serve a total of six months under loyalty laws before they are permitted to buy their freedom. The contract also outlined the creation of 130 IPCs for NanoTrasen, which will be lawed for a total of three months before being granted permission to buy their freedom.

A majority of the IPCs created for NanoTrasen will be sent to the outer-rim and frontier worlds, to aid in the security of mining operations where the NTFSF does not operate, however it is said that there will be a few Integrated Positronics sent to the NMSS Odin, NSS Aurora and NSS Exodus. It is even rumoured that Miranda Trasen herself will even be visiting the Tau Ceti stations to oversee the delivery, which is supported by the heightened presence of Icarus Drones in the Romanvich Cloud.

Assistant Director of SIM, Dr. [name] was dissapointed at the revelation of the meeting's results.

"I'm very upset with this, its a complete ignoration of IPC rights and freedoms set by the Sol Alliance itself, loop holes should not be extortable. I am however glad commend Madam Trasen for electing to lower the binding-law date to three months, rather than six, for the few IPCs that will be constructed for NanoTrasen."


Newcast 3 - Spoilers, but ohwell

Breaking News

Contract between NanoTrasen and Biesel Robotics Incorporated falls through.

Multiple dead in assault.

After BRI delivered 23 IPCs to Tau Ceti NT Facilities, gradually each synthetic unit went rogue, due to having an error in their laws and primary CPU.

A skirmish on the Nanotrasen Management Space Station Odin led to the death of eight Communications Officers, four Odin Security Officers and a Duty Officer by the name of Alexander Torry. According to Odin Officials, the 15 IPC units delegated to their station shortly malfunctioned after arrival, and turned their guns on the administrative workers serving in the Communications Center, they were eventually taken down by ERT Troopers Inn and Sinsa, who stormed the Communication Center with ion-equipment. They took multiple hits, but did not succumb to their wounds. They have been given the Gold Star of Bravery by NanoTrasen for their excellent loyalty to the company.

The five IPCs delivered to the NSS Exodus also malfunctioned, but were quickly taken down by Internal Security. Damage reports indicate the IPCs managed to breach the Bridge and destroy lots of equipment before Security was able to intervene.

According to NanoTrasen Fleet Security Force Admiral Creed,

The 40 Integrated Positronics that were sent to the outer-rim operations were quickly detained before they could malfunction, due to the speedy communicae sent by the late, Duty Officer Torry.

However, the mining operations in three seperate frontier worlds have gone dark, after recieving their shipment of 67 IPCs.

NanoTransen CEO Miranda Trasen had this to say on the entire debacle,

"I am very saddened that an error in programming, led to the death of thirteen brave NanoTrasen employees.. We are taking steps to ensure that this never happens on any NanoTrasen facility again, and we have cut all ties with Biesel Robotics Incorporated, but will not be persuing legal action against them. Families of the deceased will be recieving grief funds for their losses, and I give them all my condolences"

Biesel Robotics say they've uncovered the origin of the malfunction, and assure the Republic that their models were not under the same laws that caused the error as NanoTrasen's, and that no malfunction should occur in the shipment that they provided. Nonetheless the Republic has begun rallying up their new workers and has declared a state of heightened alert.


Message for the Heads of Staff Board Prior to Event

As soon as you login to the terminal, an urgent notice pops up labelled 'Message from Chief Executive Officer Trasen'

Greetings, if you are reading this, that means you are a member of the management staff assigned to the NSS Aurora or Exodus. You may already know of the recent contract that was made between NanoTrasen, and Biesel Robotics Incorporated. We have bought 23 IPCs for the Tau Ceti system, fifteen will go to the NMSS Odin, three will go to the NSS Aurora, and five will go to the NSS Exodus. These are expected to be delivered to your station sometime this week. Delivery will be overseen by a member of the Biesel Robotics Board of Directors, specifically their Director for Integrated Positronics Research and Manufacturing, Dr. Alexis Petrov. They will be escorted by two elite Security Officers.

As Heads of Staff, you are expected to be completely respectful and providing to Dr. Petrov. Should we get reports that you are rude, or otherwise not representing NanoTrasen properly, your contract will be immediately terminated, and I will sign the termination myself. The visitors are however, bound to Corporate Regulations and may not ignore them.

Planned events while onboard are:

A meeting with the Heads of Staff.

Introduction of new IPCs to the Security force.

Assignment of new IPCs to the Security force.

A PR speech to the crew.(ALL staff are to attend. Exemptions may only be issued by the Captain, Interim thereof, or the entirety of Command.)

A meeting with the onboard Science staff in the Head of Staff meeting room.

Departure of the Executive and their guards.

These events are authorized by myself, and the visitors may utilize any resources they wish to complete these. You are expected to be as compliant as possible.

Thank you for your continued service to NanoTrasen, you are some of our most faithful rotary workers. Those serving on the date of the delivery shift, will be given a bonus of 20,000 credits if all goes well. If all doesn't go well.... I hear that Einstein Industries is hiring.

With love,

Your CEO, Miranda Trasen

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It was created especially to introduce my own lore, yes it could have been altered but I was too tired to actually care to remake it after having spent a weekend making IPC lore + and event to have it thrown in the trash the day I got back Lmao.

Maybe you can come up with an event for you Lore? :3 I'd love to take part.

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