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Quirky Cooking

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Basically, a thread for any unconventional eating you can think up. For example,

Peanut Burgers. I was all out of bread, but I had some hamburger rolls left over from dinner. The rolls were Nature's Own Butter Buns, and I put them in the toaster for 1 1/2 minutes, they may get much hotter and brown faster than real bread, but I don't think thats a bad thing. I slathered both buns in peanut butter, and dug into it. The buns were so much sweeter than bread, even the kind made by the same brand, and that head trapped inside the buns so fast, that the peanut butter got real nice and melted, that it started to fall out of the buns.

In a semi-related thing, I will also sometimes do "lines" of toast crumbs, and make big lines of toast crumbs, and lick them up.

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