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GAIA Victory Speech

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

GAIA party victory speech, Emergency Governmental Election of 2457


As you turn on the TV, a notification pops up. “Breaking news, Election results are in! GAIA wins with the majority - over 40%!” A tall human figure approaches a stage as camera drones float around him, the symbol of Sol Alliance proudly emblazoned in the background. Under him, a label, “Miles Theodore Chater, new Sol Alliance Prime Minister.” His hair is messy and his tie untied from all the waiting and lack of sleep. Yet, his persona still full of energy and optimism. He looks over the people gathered below the stage, satisfied, before speaking.

“Fellow citizens of the Sol Alliance. Humans, Tajara, Skrell, Unathi, Dionaea, even free Synthetics, of all colors and flavors. On this fateful day, after decades upon decades of neglect and dishonesty by the former governments, I wish to be honest with you all. Our civilization is losing its grasp on power. Not power to rule over others, but power to fight problems that have plagued our society since time immemorial… power to make good decisions with human decency and thought. That drive that let us settle the stars, with unmatched tenacity, creativity and optimism. We, here at Gaia, did not choose the name for no reason. Gaia, ancient Greek deity, creator of the universe, the Lifegiver… like the old myth, we wish to give life to humanity, the universe. We wish to nurture that Human Spirit.

However, there are things that need to be addressed. We hope that our alien friends, the Tajara and Unathi, do not see our agenda to withdraw assets and regulate our borders as an act of hate, but necessity. Humanity, with its lack of foresight and reckless involvement, has caused irreparable damage to your domains. You flock to our planets and cities in search of a better life and jobs, while our own species suffers from ever-increasing unemployment and poverty. Above all this, corporations exploit you people in reckless pursuit of profit. This split between our species is necessary because our relationships have been cancerous to our civilizations. All societies have a right to define their own path, without unwanted foreign influence.

Fellow citizens, from today, on our own terms, we progress into the future. May luck, gods and prudence be with us!

Thank you.”

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