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Resignation? I think?

Mr. Majestic

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Hello err’body.

Mister of Majesty here, with an announcement regarding my position as a spriter and part of the development group on the Aurora server.

I am resigning from this position, due to personal reasons (not anything related to work or time availability). Please note I am not resigning from the community in anyway, I hope to still be a part of the community of Aurora that I enjoy so much.

Also, I will actually still be doing sprites for Aurora when I can manage it, because I enjoy it. And I’d rather be making sprites that can be of use as opposed to just making small icons that won’t have any purpose other than being forgotten in some folder somewhere.

Oh yeah, my PC got a new hard drive. So that’s fixed, meaning I can play compooter games again. And if any of you would be interested in playing with Mr. Majestic (even though he has like... 3 games on steam) you can find him on steam as “Mr. Majestic” (obviously) or “killer_cheese1”, depending on which one succeeds in leading you to my profile.

Now, my reasons, I am resigning from the development group because I feel I cannot be counted as one if I do not regularly contribute. And I have not been doing that, and I don’t think I will be able to. I will also be playing less on the SS13 server of Aurora. Because, for me, Aurora isn’t what it once was when I first started playing. We’ve gotten a lot more popular and made drastic changes, and are still undergoing huge changes. When I first came onto Aurora it was because there was only like, 9 people on at the time. And I liked that. It was fun for me to play with 10 – 20 other players on Aurora, it just had a certain feel the big fancy servers didn’t.

So yeah, that’s that I guess... It’s been a great experience for me, helping in development of this server even though my contributions weren’t really that notable.

In conclusion, I’d just like to extend a heartfelt Thank You, to everyone on Aurora. Several names to note for me would be: Gollee, Incognito Jesus (Uncle J), Dea, Skull132 (the best boss), Pump (my favourite nemesis), Vikkles, Blue and Furcri- Apologies if I forgot some names but whilst I sit here and think about whom I enjoyed speaking/playing with the most these names come to mind. I hope to still be able to interact with these people and the Aurora community for a long time to come.

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