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The Unofficial and Incomplete Security Guide

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I'm posting it here because it's easy, I can get some easy feedback and I don't have to save it as some annoying draft or drive document. Advisable that you don't respond to this until it looks semi finished, as it'll be subject to major change. Chances are, you'll be commenting on something that's going to be gone or changed anyway. I'll remove this comment when I think it's just about ready, which is the green light to pepper replies.

Purpose behind creating this is just sometimes security needs clarity on what it can and cannot do, it needs clarity on what command can do with security and what specifically we have in terms of authority. I'm assuming you guys don't really want to hug Baystation 12's method of handling security, since it's not too specific and a little bit - distasteful.

I want to take a more IC and specific approach to how security and space law would be handled. Because BS12 is more of like someone who tells you how to do something - but not so much as to the specifics of it, like the reason behind doing said thing and what to do with a specific situation. If you can get what I'm talking about.


NSS Aurora - Security Directives


Security Officers

Forensic Technician's

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Here is my second OOC proposal, it regards promotions and seniority. As there are some situations where people would benefit massively from additional authority, this mainly applies to the Warden, Officer's and Forensic Tech's. It works well for when someone has less work to do then they'd of imagined and have the appropriate OOC/IC skill. This could include a well known Forensic's expert becoming a "Head Of Investigation.". Which might allow them to do additional tasks. This could include a Warden or Senior Officer being able to take on the role of responsibility for Cadets, possibly forcing things like mandatory training - etc. I haven't started on this yet obviously nor have I started on the previous, so nothing I've said is absolutely solid for what I'll be writing down.

Hopes are, I can do something to improve the life of a Security Officer and make the enforcement of law a bit more interesting for those involved(Interesting does not mean to 'actiony' or 'robust'.). Just thinking that by creating official roles people can be promoted to by the HoP, it gives the HoP more things they can do(Also means command doesn't need to be scared of giving said promotions) - it gives people more reason to perform their jobs to the best of their ability and also allows for a bit of variety in how Security might perform their duties. From my experience with SS13 in general, it tends to work as long as the person assigning the promotions knows how to do their job - which is confirmed with Aurora due to the Head of staff applications.

Because really, when you give people something to go for, to achieve - it gives them reason to try harder. Security officer's don't really have too much reason to be really good at their jobs, if you waive a possible promotion in front of their faces that one of them can grab - you get a better workforce that's really keen on enforcing the law. I've seen how this works with people in real life - with the army, it'll probably work in a similar fashion. Also no - I'm not a jarhead, don't ask me questions about jars. Also you might be wondering why the effort into security? Well it's really because security isn't so much like other departments, it's a department based around law and authority, it's somewhat military in the way it works and therefore a differentiation in the ranks does make a massive difference - so does additional empowerment to it's senior members. Quite simply, a scientist can request additional access or permission to work on something riskee - but with security, the promotion is essentially there to provide them with more authority or work to be done.

Add some color to your day.



BS12's definition of good roleplay as a HoP

You should have good knowledge of the Chain of Command.

As an example, you could play as a subservient right hand man to the Captain, or a devious power hungry maniac, only serving to further your own career goals. Remember, whatever you choose, try to enjoy it, and try not to ruin the round for other people.


BS12 is confusing at times.

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