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Laser/igniter combination issue.


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I'm not 100% sure whether this is a bug or not, so I'll list this as a suggestion instead. When trying to make single tank incendiary bombs, I noticed that you can't hook an igniter/infrared laser combo up to them. They physically attach, yes, but the laser part is no longer visible and does not trigger the bomb. I don't think this would be super overpowered, but it would be a nice option to try to do. You additionally should be able to make these work with anything that a signaler/igniter could hook up to. One example would be a fuel tank bomb. Right now, the same thing happens. The laser is activated, but no longer works when it's placed on the fuel tank.

If, for balance reasons, the laser had to always be visible, I don't think anybody would complain terribly about that. It could force some interesting RP situations if it were implemented.

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