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Unban Appeal DryProfit

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BYOND Key: Driprofi

Total Ban Length: 7 Months about.

Banning staff member's Key: Soundscopes

Reason of Ban: Attacking players and being rude to admins.

Reason for Appeal:

At this time it was probably the first or second server I joined in SS13 about half a year ago. I admit, I was attacking and attempting to kill players, not really knowing the point of the game at the time, figuring it was just another deathmatch or something, since I was playing alot of those on Byond at the time. An admin (Rightfully) froze me and I got pissed off not really understanding what I was doing wrong, and got myself banned before anyone could explain it to me.

Next server I joined I just asked what we were supposed to do, and was succesfully converted from a greytider to a normal player.

Apologies to any admins I was rude to at the time and any players I killed/attempted to kill (Hard to remember since it was over half a year ago)

Never really bothered with an unban appeal since I was just playing on Paradise, but lately that's turned into a clusterfuck of a server.

Thanks for reading, Driprofi/Dryprofit.

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Well the story matches up and understand what it's like when you first join ss13.

Unless any other admin or staff want to say something I have no problem lifting the ban.

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