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Elizabeth Hawthorne's AskMe.nt Account

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The account screen name reads Elliebeth503. The screen is blank for a couple of seconds, you see the screen adjust from being pointed to the ceiling, then to a blurred figure. It is rather hazy and you can not see much, a faint blob moves the camera, adjusting the lens.

The picture now comes into focus and a hand leaves the screen's view, showing a young woman with long wavy blonde hair and heavy makeup. This young woman sits onto a rather comfortable looking office chair, she has a poodle on her lap. The poodle is a strange pink colour and is quite small for its species. The woman releases the poodle lovingly after giving it a smooch, and the small dog pants as it eagerly escapes the clutches of the evil witch that held it.

The woman looks at the camera, tiling her chair toward it.

"Elizabeth Hawthorne here. I won't state my occupation if you don't know it already. I know my camera is terrible right now, an awful sub-standard one I picked up at a strange market.

Ask me anything."

"... Hm."

She sighs with the lack of response, she ruffles her thin manicured hands through her hair, pushing a few locks of it backwards on her forehead. She vainly checks herself out in the camera, making rather funny poses in the camera as if no one is here...

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Elizabeth does a few vogue-inspired poses, clearly in love with herself. It takes her a while to react at first.

She pauses at Anonymous's response, she bares a fist to her chest and clears her throat.

"Well, ah-him! I didn't realize you were... Oh right. That's a quite the long story."

Elizabeth Hawthrone, places a finger on her lip, she begins to ramble slightly, looking up to her right, "It began on Sunday. Fisher, one of my ponies got ill. He was like, coughing a lot, and his coat was shedding so much that blue fur was all over the stable floors.

The vet told me it is a deadly disease that horses sometimes get, and if he does not get better soon he might have to be put down. I had to travel to New England to get my pony medicated and treated as my insurance for that particular pony is only valid there. I am still on holiday there now."

"It was late and I needed to let the pony racing club I attend know that Fisher needed his rest or he'd die. They wouldn't believe me and thought I was bailing out on them. I took a photo of Fisher and they still didn't believe me because I apparently used "Spaceshop 9.0" to improve my eyelashes one time."

Elizabeth rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, "Jealous traitors."

"Anyway so... I had to find a webcam and fast, so there was this dodgy marketplace that was still open and sold me this second-hand piece of junk to show them Fisher is indeed wheezing and sick. So, I've still got it...

And here we are I guess."

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A large prompt appears on the screen with a label that says "Click me!" in bright flashing colors.

Out of curiosity, you click it. Suddenly, footage of a muscular Unathi flexing his arms takes up the screen.

Men of all species report increases in stamina, performance, and confidence. All those other male supplementary scams don't know what's up! Doctor Maxman is a certified doctor, here to give you just what you need to impress your other half!

For just fifty measly Thalers a month, you can feel invigorated like never before! Don't wait! Order your shipment today!

Doctor Maxman's Max Man! Order yours now!

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