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Victor Kaipov's trenchcoat.

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Character name:

Victor Kaipov

Item name:

A regular trenchcoat. Could name it V.Kaipov's Trenchcoat.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

It's an item gifted by his brother, Jacob Kaipov. Victor would carry it around because it's like a treasure on him and also keep ahold of a couple of items when needed inside of it, which is useful. In IC wise, it's something that would keep Victor Kaipov sane and some warmth throughout shifts, I'd also love to see people peek at the pictures inside of it, so I could finally start creating some RP with the character.


Item function(s):

Just hold two extra items, that's all.

Item description:

A regular leather trenchcoat with a label on it's back, reading V.KAIPOV. If anyone would be able to take a peek inside of it, there are a three photos sticking out. One is with a man that looks somewhat like Victor himself, standing next to a shuttle. The other, a lady, having a very warm smile on her, holding a small gift. And the last one is something with Victor and the same man as before, fishing on a boat, having a laugh.

Item appearance:

Just like the trenchcoat from HoS in appearance, if able, maybe turn it a bit gray, but other than that, I'm fine with anything, it's not armoured or anything like so.


Additional comments:

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