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Writing things!

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I like writing things, I am pretty much out of ideas at the moment... So...

My preferred genres are Sci-Fi and High Fantasy.

Give me basic info and I will write:

  • Character Backstories.

    Random Stories.


    SS13 Stories.

    Non-SS13 Stories.

    RPG Characters, ((D&D and the like)).

    And other things I can't think of.


Either post requests, or PM them to me directly, I don't mind.

I am also working on a D&D5 campaign, basing it off a story I am in the process of writing, though I have hit a bit of a block in regards to the very start, and character personalities; if anyone feels like chucking an idea at me, I would appreciate it.

Female Human Paladin.

Male Wood Elf Ranger. ((Done))

Female Human Wizard. ((Done))

Male Tiefing Rogue.

Male Human Monk.

Male Dwarf Cleric.

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