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Aurora Dreams

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Basically, a thread about dreams, about 2D spessmen. I bring this up because its been mentioned before that several people have had dreams where they're on Aurora, or where they're character they play, and I had one last night, so I figure, why not?

My dream starts off with my ever so rarely used Virologist character "Ajmal Hamud" going to work on Bagel Station. So he goes down to the lab, and for some reason Juggilous, my clown character for TG, is in there. Apparently Ajmal doesn't give a shit, because he just goes to work doing TG virology stuff, and he manages to make something Ive made before on TG called "The Ajmal Plague" with all sorts of nasty, nasty stuff. The most logical thing in Ajmal's mind seemed to be "Inject the clown," so he did. The clown starts puking blood, passing out, and all that good stuff, and then I woke up.

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