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The Adventures of Brasshorn

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Warhammer Fantasy roleplay, we're all chaos-sided. There's a Slaaneshi Ogre, a Skaven Grey Seer, a Goblin, and myself, a Khornate Beastman, leader of a tiny warband.

>Start out in a big feast hall in Norsca

>Slaaneshi ogre is eating everything around him

>get out so he doesn't eat me

>Head over to fighting pits to find something to kill

>Jump in against a slaved orc

>Wreck his shit faster than Leoncouer against a gobbo

>Leap out, half my shit is missing

>Stolen while I was fighting

>The Skaven points me towards some ogres and gnoblars and scurries off pretty fast

>Right, time to fuck this up

>Storm over and bray loudly as I can't speak Norscan

>Eventually challenge them to a fight for my belongings

>Get into fighting pit

>Ogre has double my health, better armour

>Leap up and slam my thumbs into his eye sockets

>Ogre now blind

>End up in prolonged fight, both of us on low health

>He gets a lucky hit in and knocks me out before wandering off

>Wake up naked on a corpsepile

>Go to find my shit

>Another ogre is not eating the previous ogre with my gear in the background


>Wander off to find my warband

>Find them

>Thrakk, another Gor, has now declared himself in charge

>Submit as I have 1HP

>He wants something to fight so I find him a black orc

>He smashes it easily

>He wants something to eat

>I point towards the ogre eating the other ogre

>After a short heated argument, the ogre snaps Thrakk's spine and dumps him in the cooking pot

>Another Gor, Northorr, now declares himself chief

>Jesus christ I can't get a break

>We go into the feast hall

>He gets brought mounds of meat whilst I get nothing

>Fuck this, if I die I'm dying in style

>Upend the table on Northorr

>Pass the roll so it stuns him

>Pick up his axe and remove his leg at the knee

>Stand on top of the table, bend down

>Rip his throat out with a hand

>Make eye contact with more beastmen across the hall


There will be more. Brasshorn will survive.

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