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SoapyCup Server Moderator Application

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Basic Information

Byond Account:SoapyCup

Character Name(s):Oscar Faust, Karina Miller

AI Name(s):

Preferred means of contact: I have a ts server and skype, pm for details



When are you on Aurora?: Most of the year: m-f 3pm to 10pm, s-s noon to midnight


How long have you played SS13?:about 9 months

How long have you played on Aurora:about 8 months

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?:All of medical, all of cargo, a bit of science, a bit of security, and cooking and bartendering. I know a lot about the generic parts of the game.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?:No

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?:Never been banned


Why do you play SS13?:I play ss13 because it's an incredibly complex game with RP. There are so many good experiences I have from ss13 that could only have ever happen in this game. You can have played the game for months and only learn one department.It is also a good opportunity so experiment with your RP and have fun.

Why do you play on Aurora?:I play on Aurora because I love the people that I play with and because of how seriously Aurora takes RP. A lot of the other ss13 servers don't enforce rp, especially heavy RP.Aurora is a gem though, everyone is passionate about RP yet still helpful. It's a nice balance.

What do moderators do?:Moderators are mediators and helpers. They should be unbiased and willing to help. If a new player needs help they should be supportive and helpful. Moderators keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, and alert players of mistakes in their character even they may not have noticed. They make sure no one is going to ruin it for others.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?:Being a moderator for Aurora means I have a responsibility to the rest of the staff to work with them to solve issues and keep it all running smoothly. Aurora is one of the few servers that enforces heavy RP, an I will make sure to continue i that.

Why do you want to be a moderator?:I want to be a moderator because I think I can improve Aurora and help the rest of the staff effectively. I have enjoyed playing here so much, and want to make sure others can enjoy it as much as I have.

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?:I really try to think things out, see it from all perspectives, and hear all the sides before making a decision. I also enjoy dealing with people and I am often able to keep my nerves down in stressful situations.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?:I believe I handle those situations very well. I don't get stressed over ss13 very often, I also don't get angry often. I don't let insults get to me, and I try not to hold a grudge.

Anything Else You Want to Add:

I think being a moderator would be a good opportunity for me and I will always try to do my best and act in the best interest of everyone.

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My interview with soapycup:

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Namasate! Hello! So you want to be a moderator? Would you mind if I ask some questions, so we can get to know you better then?

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): sure

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Okay, I'm going to give you some hypothetical situations, and you tell me how you would react as a moderator, understand?

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): yep

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: First situation: A new player joins with the character name "Vladimir Putin", a bald 30 year old assistant. Our records show their account is 2 days old. What do you do?

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I tell them, "Hey, your name is not appropriate, and you need to read the rules. You can join as an apprentice for whatever job you would like to learn if you get tired of being an assistant. Although it's not nessecary, I would suggest it.

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Okay, next situation: You get an ahelp from a player saying that they have been permabrigged for no reason. What do you do?

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I reply back with, "Have you asked why you were brigged? There are a lot of laws/illegal things you might now be aware of. Also, who brigged you?" If he still thinks he was brigged for no reason, I message the person who brigged him asd ask him why the player was permabrigged.

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: The brigging officer tells you that the person was arrested for breaking into secure tool storage.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I tell the officer, "Infiltrarion on it's own is not enough to hold someone until transfer."

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Okay, sorry for the delay, third situation: Suddenly a bunch of Modlogs appear about two guys shooting eachother. You recognize one as being a regular player, but you don't really know this player that well. It looks like they're shooting at eachother with lethal weapons, but you were in the lobby so you don't have much else information on the situation. There are no other mods or staff on at the time. Go.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I observe to see what is happening

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: It looks like the two of them are dueling with lethal firearms in the holodeck, with several people watching.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): What jobs are they?

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Detective and Scientist.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): Since several people are invested in what is happening and breaking it up without an IC reason wouldn't be fun for anyone, I wait for it to end and then tell both the players that dueling with lethal weapons is not something you would do IC without a strong motive, and that just because you have acess to guns, doesn't mean that you can use them irresponsibly.

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Okay, final situation: A player adminhelps that another player, one you know well but have never had to deal with as a moderator, is powergaming. A quick check on them reveals that they, as a non-security role (such as either a quartermaster, scientist, or doctor), have managed to arm themselves heavy using the most powerful weapons they could have legitamately aquired in that job (such as a powered crossbow as a quartermaster, a polyacid syringe gun as a doctor, or a laser canon as a scientist), and is currently in a firefight with the nuke team. They are winning. What do you do.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): gonna be a sec, IC stuff

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Sure, take your time.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I PM him, "Hey, do you know IC how to use that weapon, becasue if not it's powergaming. Is that the case?"

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: And if they say that their character does have combat training to use it?

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I look at their character records to see if it's there.

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: They do indeed have trained in the combat skill.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I PM the first guy that ahelped me and tell him that they have combat training IC.

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Okay, anything else?

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): Do they have anything else in their records?

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: They have notes in the staff records about several previous incidents of this happening.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): I meant IC, as in if they had security, medical, and engineering training, but I would message them, "Alright, just becasue you are trained in that skill doesn't mean you have the training to win against a trained team and use the best weapon you can get. I'm not saying you shouldn't be competent, but you shouldn't be the best in the world."

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Okay, gottcha. We're just about done with the interview then. This interview and it's contents will not be shared with anyone outside the administration staff within your consent. Do you want this to be made public avaliable for review by the general community on your application, or just to administration for their review?

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(Oscar Faust)(?): Everyone can look at it

Moderator PM to-SoapyCup: Okay, it will be released and posted on your application shortly, once all other interviews with the other applicants have been completed.

Player PM from-SoapyCup/(SoapyCup)(?): alright, thanks for taking the time.

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