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Inis Truesight's AskMe.Net account

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Browsing the web, you eventually surf back to AskMe.net; scrolling through the profiles, one of them catches your eye; "Inis Truesight". You are pretty sure that is that weird girl with the necklace. A faint spark of interest makes you click the link.

After a quick loading bar, your screen flickers, filling with a live feed of a room; you are looking out from a desk, towards a chair. The walls are a bright, if plain, white, with a large window set into the far wall, and the corner of a bed visible to the left. The desk is cluttered with various bits of paper and pens.

Sat in the chair, peering down at a rather old book bound in leather with a gold leaf spine, is a young woman with long blue hair, probably dyed. Her skin is almost as white as the walls around her, with thin grey lines swirling across it. As the livestream activates, something lets out a short ping next to the woman, she looked up quickly, revealing vivid purple eyes. "Heya, want to talk?"

((Finished Inis' new records, finally. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fBXIR0zd6LUTk94VopcAcRQcCTGQsXFJiHmI5pYMb-E/edit?usp=sharing ))

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