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Obiedog's Coder Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: obiedog

Position Being Applied For: coder/server stuff/web stuff

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have worked with server hosting a bit in the past. My main object oriented language at the time of posting is Java. I could go dig up my knowledge of python but I would need to spend some time reading up on the language syntax. As far as web development goes I am not the best at making websites look pretty, but I do like adding cool features in php.

Examples of Past Work:

The first is a twitch chat bot that runs from a nice little controller. Unfinished but the main goal was adding a modular structure so that commands can be added very quickly. (Ignore the graphics.)


The second is a data command console for processing commands. Again modular system for easy command adding.


I also made a PHP site that checks the status of a user in a twitch channel I moderate for (twitch.tv/sevadus (had to link it sorry)) (Checks for following, subscribes, and chat mod. It was a proof of concept for integrating into the streamers forum for accounts.)

I would link it but Twitch changed the API structure (as they like to do on a regular basis) or something like that so it doesn't work at the moment. If I find the heart to fix it I can link it later.

I take that back they reset API codes when they were hacked a few weeks ago.


Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.): Skype, Fourm PM's

Additional Comments: I would love to learn the langauge for beyond. I am very happy I found this community and server so I would like to contribute to it.

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