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Biesel Intelligence and Reconnaissance Bureau

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Biesel Intelligence and Reconnaissance Bureau

"Spread Your Wings"


Greetings. This is the official board of the Biesel Intelligence and Reconnaissance Bureau, otherwise known as, the BIRB. We are a nonpartisan, independent intelligence service operating from within the Republic of Biesel. Below there are various resources relating to our organization. You are welcome, and encouraged, to browse through our encrypted network.

Brief History

The BIRB was originally a research and development branch of the Biesel Intelligence Service. However, after losing funding and eventually being completely closed down, a large amount of agents layed off from the BIS turncoated. An agency that would not support them, would not have them. So they left, and formed what is now today known, as the BIRB, the second largest intelligence gathering organization within Tau Ceti.

Current Day

Today, the BIRB operates solely within the borders of Tau Ceti, and actively collects, stores, sells and trades information, both gathered from corporations and the government alike. The BIRB also maintains multiple cover operations and rackets on both Biesel and New Magnitka. Employment is steady and payment is competitive, however mortality rates still are a present issue.

Cover Op - Operation Illicio

Operation Illicio is the largest cover operation that the BIRB is currently running. The operation maintains a news network, known as the Biesel Information Relay Bureau. Using the guise of independent journalism, our news operation easily gains access to areas usually closed to the public, making infiltration much easier. It also provides a comfortable income for the entire bureau. If you are interested as serving as a 'Cover Agent', please see the recruitment tab.


We maintain rivalries and partnerships with a few agencies and organizations.

Idris Incorporated Corporate Intelligence - Allied

NanoTrasen Ministry of Information - Enemy

Biesel Intelligence Service - Enemy

Black Orchid Society - Neutral

Tup Commandos - Allied


The BIRB actively recruits Sol, Tau Ceti and Jargon citizens into the organization.

Currently, there are four divisions that are currently looking for new recruits. They are:

Logistics - Planning and managing the organization.

Field Operations - Executing the plans and orders of the logistics division that involve working in uncontrolled environments.

Cover Operations - Ensuring that the BIRB remains secret and that operations are covered up with appropriate and believable stories. This division is the Biesel Information Relay Bureau, your job will consist of creating false news articles, and pretending to be an average reporter joe that just happens to always be there to twist the facts when something goes wrong.

Counter Intelligence - Ensuring that no enemy agents become moles within the organization.

To apply to join. Leave a reply to this board, with basic contact information, your skills, and what division you wish to join and why.


Okay, so basically, IC spying, but in an non-antag manner. Its not unbelievable that someone might try to sneak a research disk off-station, or snap a few unflattering photos of the command staff having prisoner beaten. This is a non-antag organization, they do not harm people ever, even though they are most likely combat trained. Escape/Accepting punishment is the only option.

A sister thread will be setup in character stories if this takes off for mission briefing and things like that.

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