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So what's up with the code situation?


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I know that with Skull leaving things are a bit confused, but I've had pull requests up on github (one for a very minor change to holocarp, the other just containing bugfixes) for over a month now with no response from anyone on this server.

There are five pull requests up right now and none of them have an acknowledgement from anyone on the server staff.

Anyone know what's up with that? Are we in some kind of code freeze?

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Hi, Development situation is back to what it was almost a year a ago, 1 active coder, me. Which means development time WILL be reduced and we won't be having updates as quick as we have had them recently.

I have things in my personal life that I need to get sorted.

You are the fifth person to ask this question and I have had people trying to tell me what is up with development in OOC and Skype.

Your requests have been looked at, they were looked at within a day of the requests getting made.


I also manage 3 other servers doing the majority of the work. I have a total team of 4 people to help me with these.

Double edit:

The minecraft server needs a huge update for the mods that are out of date, last I checked there were 7 -10 mods that needed updating.

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Hi Scopes! Me again!

I've just opened four new pull requests today, and there hasn't really been any movement since I opened this thread.

I'm worried that a 35 day delay for feedback on pull requests, while understandable given your workload, could make it uninviting for third party contributors to help with Aurora.

I was wondering, is there was some way we could help you or make things easier on you?

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Guest Menown

Apply for coder, Jack. I applied, but I've got some issues because WinXP is being a fuck and my computer is shit, so I'm currently unable to perform.

Just apply for coder, and try to help Sound with everything.

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