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Combine Extraneous Cyborg Modules


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We have a bunch of extraneous modules that nobody uses for cyborgs. While the service and standard modules need their own thread, I'd like to talk about the ones that need to be combined.

Nobody plays Construction, as they trade most of the useful tools that Engineering cyborgs get for the questionably useful ability to have a very small amount of plasteel.

The Trauma and Surgical cyborgs are very similar in intent, but both are fairly useless right now.

My suggestion would be to ditch the Construction module and replace the engineering cyborgs storage modules (their stacks of glass, metal, and cable) with a 'sorted material storage' which would let them also store and use (though not regenerate) other sheets like gold, silver, and plasteel. These 'non standard' materials would take up twice as much space as metal, glass, or cable.

I'd also suggest merging the trauma and surgery cyborgs into one module. If you're playing a medical cyborg, you should be able to actually help people who are injured. My understanding of the goals for cyborg module design is that the cyborg trades versatility for efficiency as compared to regular crewmen. As is, even having one of each type of medical cyborg, you're still unable to diagnose or treat most injuries.

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