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Allow Cyborgs to Use Medical Machinery

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Right now, cyborgs are unable to drag people into medical machinery. This means that they cannot use sleepers, scanners, cloners, dna-manipulators, cryo tubes, cryogenic freezers, or surgical tables.

This makes them flipping useless in medbay. My suggestion would be to make this work as it does on Paradise and TG, where a borg can click-drag a crew-member onto one of the devices, there is a delay where a message is displayed saying 'ROBOCOP is trying to place Urist McCrewmember in the Sleeper' during which time they can be interrupted by moving either player.

This is easy to do, and would make medical cyborgs substantially more viable.

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Precisely. That's the point. Even if you combined the trauma and surgical cyborgs, without the ability to use these machines they're still not going to be able to do their job properly.

If you're a cyborg and you're playing medical, you should be able to do the job at least as well as a regular crew member, as you are prevented mechanically from doing anything else. That's always been the balancing factor for cyborgs. You trade versatility and freedom of action for the ability to do one job very well.

Right now our medical cyborgs are unable to do their jobs properly as most of medical's job requires the use of these machines.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The inability to use the medical machines makes me extremely frustrated in the very rare times I play as a medical cyborg. Literally the only thing I can do is surgery, but even then someone has to put the poor person on the surgery table and then put on their internals. As it stands medical cyborgs are entirely redundant except to open doors for EMT's.

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That's not a really good argument Vanagandr. No other role on the station requires another player to do most of their job for them. That's what having an assistant follow you around and use the machine's for you would be.

Most of the job of a doctor in Aurora medical code requires these machines.

That would be like if anyone who picked 'Engineer' as a role weren't allowed to use any tools and they had to get a 'tool assistant' to follow them around and follow their instructions whenever tools were needed. It wouldn't be fun.

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