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Add more bluespace crystals to Telescience


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It's right there on the tin. Add some more bluespace crystals to Telescience. I've gone full assault on R&D for the past few rounds trying as hard as possible and as fast as possible to get more bluespace crystals to put into Telescience. And what was the fruit of my labor for doing so? Nothing, actually. I've yet to actually make a single crystal from R&D. Xeno-bio tries its best, but ultimately, it's not there job to give me crystals. They're to experiment with different slimes and all the other cool things you can do with them. They aren't supposed to grind all the way to get some bluespace crystals as that is not fun for them (from what I understand), nor is it fun for me to wait on them.

So basically, each round breaks down into two different scenarios:

1. There aren't any miners. You're shit out of luck unless you have a competent xeno-biologist who is willing to put up a grind for the unobtainium.

2. There are miners. With any luck, they're competent. If they aren't, you get the same result as scenario #1. Assuming they are competent, it will take them some time to procure the amount and type of resources that R&D needs. By the time the research levels are there or almost there, the round is pretty much over as someone is calling for the end of the shift.

With the current amount of crystals limiting the power to 20, you can go some places. Xeno-bio.. the hallway outside research.. space.. and the outskirts of Medical. That's all fun and dandy, but those places get old real quick.

"Hey Bill. Want to teleport down to Engineering and see what the boys out there are up to?"

"I'd love to, Frank. But the problem is there aren't any fucking crystals anywhere ".

Why not allow Telescience to reach farther places? Like Engineering? Or Cargo? You'll probably say that it's to prevent gank or grief or whatnot. For that rebuttal, I'll say to you that you don't have any confidence in our admin/mod team. They do a damn good job at filtering out the weeds from the flowers, and they deserve applause and showers of praise for keeping our server clean.


Shoutout to all of you stationed in the Night's Watch.


So, please. For the love of the Science team, the R&D people, the xeno-bio people, and the poor telescientists, add more crystals to Telescience!



Thank you for your time to read this and feel free to post your input, approval, or criticisms.

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Old RD Tenenza says: "Back in MY day we had to walk both ways in the duck to get telecrystals for our teleporter."

Serious and tired Tenenza says: "I dunno why you need that many telecrystals. You can get to anywhere in deep space just fine with the telecrystal you have. If you're seriously using the telepad as a delivery service, then you're using advanced research equipment to do what the disposal/mail system can do much easier and cheaper."

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Telescience has never made sense to me. They can access very secure areas with a little bit of math - and moreover, all science personnel have access to it.

It's kind of like like leaving an all-access card in the middle of the hall in case the captain wants pizza.

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Except that, for most rounds, it's an all access path that can teleport you to itself and that's pretty much it. Also it's one-way unless you have a buddy (or can convince the AI to bring you back) and it is bloody hard to get telecrystals.

The teleportation situation in SS13 is pretty silly. The teleporter and the teleport pad have absolutely no crossover in terms of how they work or what they do.

It's one of those things that needs a rethink.

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