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Some questions about the code / server.



Hello all !

Let me introduce myself, i'm an admin of the only French server of Space Station 13, we are like 20 players the night and maybe 10-20 the day.

We always played on /vg, but we get bored, and we installed Baystation on our server.

Features of Bay are amazing, but 80% of our players was veeery laggy on this code, and we were not enough for the map.

So, i began to search for another code (not /tg code of course) whith a little map. And i discovered you, your code, your server, your map, your beautiful custom tiles, and your features.

After this introduction, here's my questions :

- Where can i see the full changelogs when there is an update ? I saw on the forum that Cryo has changed, but i didn't see that on the github.

- Can we use your code ? (I suppose yes, but i want to warn you that we will use it)

- Are they other maps ?

- I saw that during the day, you aproximatly have the same number of players we have, is your map optimised for this number of player ?

- Any suggestions / tips if we use your code on our servers ?

Thanks all, i love your map, and the lore you invented

sorry if i have a bad english

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Hello I'm the recently new head developer for Aurora.

We try to update the ingame changelog with each update, for more details on what changes you would have to look at the github pull requests to the master branch to see.

Yes you are free to use the code, but there are no other maps as of yet other than what other servers that use our code have. But they probably use a modified code.

The map isn't optimized for any number of players, generally it's the server hardware and config settings that help make it smooth to play.

Some tips I would give for starting is to mess around with the ticklag settings to find what works best for your server, bombs will always cause the server to freeze up for 1-8 seconds depending on how meny objects are in the blast range.

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Thanks for your fast answer !

By "optimised for the number of player", i wanted to say, you know, when there is only 15 players, sometimes we don't see other peoples, hallways are desert etc ...

Thanks for the tip, we will test the ticklag with our host, to find the perfect settings.

If i have other similar questions, i will post them here. Thanks

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