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Unban request for Thban_Prince

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BYOND Key: thban_prince

Total Ban Length: Permaban?

Banning staff member's Key:Banned by host EDIT: Banned by Adminbot 2015-08-24 11:48:48

Reason of Ban:You or another user or connection (thban_prince)is banned from playing here.This IP was blacklisted from the Server.

Reason for Appeal: Because I have no idea why I was banned. Last session was pretty uneventful, with no contact from the admins for anything. I logout at the complete end of the round (when the screen freezes for restart). Absolutely no idea why I cant join. I will make a wild guess based on the message and assume it was an automatic ban due to my frequent IP changes? ( I regularly use VPN that sometimes is on, sometimes is off).

EDIT:The message changed, I added the relevant info. Yup, it seems it was an automatic ban for some reason.

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