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Keeping your RD Sane

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The Research Director is a glorified babysitter. That's a simple fact. And it is also probably one of, if not the, most stressful head position. Each and every single member of research can cause a massive headache for the RD, from Toxin's bombing things, Robotics building a Gygax with a posibrain, R&D taking weapons for "field testing" or other insanity. So, here is a quick overview of keeping your RD from going insane and making you disappear forever.

The Golden Rule

Communicate What You Are Doing

Tell the RD what you are doing over the science channel before doing stuff. Chances are, they'll let you do it unless it is stupid beyond imagination. But if they know what's going on, they can bail you out of trouble later.

What this means for you:

R&D: Inform the RD if you intend to make weapons, or other dangerous things. They'll probably be okay with it unless you're building lawgivers. In which case they might ask for a copy. If you inform them first, they'll probably get genetics to make you a protohuman, clear out misc, and maybe even snag a weapons charger.

Robotics: Building Combat Mechs, hacking stuffs, or adding the higher tech mech gear should probably be relayed to the RD. Doing this without the RD is stupid, because they can shutdown any Mech remotely.

Toxins: Any and everything intend to do. They probably won't bother you, and if you need any help, they'll likely be happy to blow something up. If you don't say anything, they might come down and start asking the hard questions, like, what the fuck are you doing.

Telescience: If you find anything, tell them. Do it. Also, if you steal anything. Or break into the CMO's office. Also, if you're new, ask them for help first. They'll know the proper protocul.

Genetics: Doing Genetics research. Give them updates. Don't go power-mad. They'll probably give you as many monkies as you want. Giving away superpowers with telling them will get you thrown into space.

Xenoarch and Xenobio: Stupid things in general. You're far enough away that the RD won't check in on you much, so as long as you follow simple logic, you'll be fine. That means, report anomolies, and don't inject yourself with slime stuff or gold slime extract without asking.

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Oh my god thank you. I can't tell you how much easier things are when people are following that first rule. Just keep us in the loop and we can help you! A quiet scientist is a scientist who's up to no good.

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