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Bokaza's Loredev/Wikidev application

Guest Bokaza

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Bokaza

Position Being Applied For: Loredev/Wikidev

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have written a several fanfic short stories, as well as lore applications. Furthermore, I've participated in lore development in the past, one of which is the GAIA party which won the elections ICly and current lore displayed on the wiki Mars page. Yes, it's shoddy work and I hate it, but people considered it good enough so it was implemented. I've produced a new version that should be ready for import to the wiki (criticism still appreciated). Which brings me to the Wikidev part of this app. I have no past experience of managing wikias, other than several times I've went out of my way to fix errors. However, I have knowledge of HTML and my line of IRL work requires me to be able to learn new tools and languages quickly. So, I have no doubt I'll be able to figure my way around the wiki.

Examples of Past Work:

Mars wiki lore (WIP) - My version for the Mars lore. I do not intend to circumvent the lore staff or players to implement it. I intend to pass it through lore canonization if such method is suggested. I am looking for input nonetheless.

Addendum: Djor Province - This was reworked and implemented into the above, admittedly my version of the lore. See under title Population, paragraph 3.

Mecca Bluespace Station - MBSS - My suggestion of expansion for religion and Earth lore.

GAIA - Global Association of Insufferable Assholes - I jest, this is the political party I mentioned.

Mars Wiki - More than half of that lore is mine. Please don't look at it.

Preferred Mode of Communication: Skype, Steam, Forum PM

Additional Comments: Nothing to say, really, other than that I wish people were involving themselves in the lore development more. I intend to collect input from people, as well as specific character stories to supplement the lore we currently have.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I'm delighted to see you apply! I've always been very happy to get your involvement in the lore and implement your writing and ideas. I'd be glad to have you on the team, so you can forge your own goals and see things like Mars and GAIA fleshed out properly, without having to rely entirely on my own schedule for that.

I'll leave this up for a few days for feedback then come to a decision.

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