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Incident Report 9/22/2457


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Reporting Personnel:Rylan Hawkins

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Plasma Researcher

Personnel Involved: Security Officer Jim calhoun, Phoebe Essel, Lab Assistant

Time of Incident: End of shift

Location of Incident: Primary hallway, Escape Shuttle hallway, Escape Shuttle

Nature of Incident: [X]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident: As i was walking down the main hallway towards the head Of Personnel's office in order to deposit a confidential report regarding my research, Officer calhoun came dashing down, Taser Revolver in hands, firing wildly at another crewmember which appeared to be a Security officer. I almost recieved two bolts to the chest, but managed to get against the floor fast enough to evade them. When i questionned out loud whilst they were cuffing the officer as to why their erratic behavior, they simply mentionned the term "Thug life". Later on, whilst the crew transfer was coming, Officer calhoun, equipped with Power Gloves, began throwing around crew members, hurling some to the floor. Specifically, Officer calhoun chased Lab Assistant Phoebe Essel repeatedly, whilst in the hallway and on the shuttle, attempting to disarm her and throw her arround, repeatedly mentionning the word "Cunt". Other officers seemed to not care, hence, in self defence, fearing for Miss Essel's safety, i took a taser pistol out of my backpack which i had for Weapons Research purposes and forgot in my bag, and aimed at officer calhoun, hoping they would leave Miss Essel alone. That led to other officers arresting me and putting me in the shuttle brig, whilst Officer calhoun walked free.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: No

Additional notes: During this entire incident, the station was on Code Green without any major other incidents ongoing.

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