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ShadyCB - my own songs and myself.

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I used to make songs when I was 17, gone to a studio and whatnot and tried it all out. From a very young age I was always hypnotized with loving music, especially hiphop. I tried my very best to make it all work but despite that, it never happened. I did get picked up by a label and but I also got scammed and was dropped and other artists went cold on me, etc. I'm not sure if I'll be returning back to the scene but I might. Depends on what happens with my producer. Here's the link, check it out if you haven't heard of me before.


honestly, I'm embarrassed to hear myself, oh and I should also drop a link to my most embarrassing songs yet:

https://youtu.be/eOj9koCplwc << if this song has any issues playing, let me know. Unfortunately I was signed with a scam record and they ended up stealing my song rights and since then it's been hell to get this on youtube without the content ID picking it up as "copyright infringement" ironic, isn't it?

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