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Employee Record: Dr. Seamus Flanigan III


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Prepare thineself for sprawling walls of text



Name: Dr. Seamus Victoria Flanigan III

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 4/5/2377

Blood Type: O+

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Gray

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 168 lbs

Alias: N/A

Religion: Eastern Catholic

Home System: Sol

Citizenship: Earth/Joint

Faction: Nanotrasen


Born to a wealthy family in the European Union, Seamus came into the world of a long line of medical professionals. His father before him was a well reputed doctor who had earned his fortune in the management of several hospitals and healthcare services. He was in line to succeed his father from a very young age and was given educated among the most elite. He would be given courses by professionals who worked under his father, advances his own studies into the field of medical care. It was during one of his father's business trips, many of which he accompanied him on, that he would be led to Rome. His father did not pay much attention to him and kept mostly to his own work, so he found himself wandering the mega cities and exploring. It was here that he would come to know greatly about the history of religion and would stick to it almost immediately. His family was atheist and shunned these sorts of things so when he brought back his experiences with him and tried to pursue greater learning in the subject he was turned into something of the family's 'Black Sheep', in which he immediately fell out of favor with his father.

He would eventually run away from home at the age of sixteen, shortly after graduation from secondary school. As a run-away, he rarely stayed in one place for long. He would keep a journal of his two years of travel that would be published in 2355. While the two years were extremely rough on him he would be able to creatively express himself. It was during this time that he would meet his Wife-to-Be Caroline Thresher, marrying her at the age of eighteen and settling down for a more stable life. Working as a clerk in a hospital he would focus on his family and his education, continuing to pursue his M.D. to apply his better known skills. He also served as a volunteer at the local Catholic Parish for many years, his interest in religion having not waned at all.

At the age of 20, Caroline would bear him one son named Eugene. At 21 they would have a daughter, but due to complications at child birth both the child and Caroline would tragically lose their lives. Post-death he would name her "Alice". This drastically effected Seamus in a number of ways, most notably beginning his start in literature and he would come to cling more to religion. Once he converted officially to Catholicism, He would start with writing morbid and dark apostrophes and would publish one novel with highly religious roots and running themes of tragedy simply titled "Grim". He raised his son alone, affording a much better life once he had earned his MD and continued from residency into a surgeon at the hospital he had worked at. The hours were long and tireless, and what time was not spent working was spent at the local church. His son would rarely get the time of day like his father before him and would come to resent him. As the many years calmed Seamus and he fell out of his depression into acceptance he would spend much of his time studying both medicine and theology, establishing theories and opinions that he shared with both communities. These, however, were mildly unpopular. A local priest would recommend that Seamus join the cloth once his son came of age, and this would influence his decision to acquire a bachelors in religious studies. All the while he continued to branch into more and more specialization as a medical doctor. When his son had turned eighteen and moved out (Who would go on to pursue a career in science and become atheist) and he had earned enough of a tidy sum to live well he would submit his application to a seminary and fully dedicate himself to Religious study.

He was officiated as an Eastern Catholic priest at the age of 40, among a group of Roman Catholics. He would lead a few events now and again and was active in the church, but he was most well known for his seclusion and heavy studying. The years would pass calmly, his son and himself having fallen out of contact with each other, as Seamus would goes through text upon text of Christian documents. It was around the age of 48 though that interest was drawn upon Seamus. On one particular day in the church Seamus had arrived with stacks upon stacks of book which in and of itself isn't unusual, however they seemed to be based on other branches of Christianity that were not recognized. The day after, books on a number of different religions followed by humanity. The day after that, religions practiced around the world. Controversy arose when he would began to make studies and observations of other religions from a Catholic viewpoint and showed opinions vastly different from that of the church at the time. When they were published they were immediately taken to by the religious community in a storm. For every rabid fan there was an equally as rabid critic who declared heresy on him, with non-reaction on Seamus' part. This was just the start however.

As years passed and more and more controversy arose in Seamus' publishing, there was a clear division in the small church that he lived and prosecution and aggression between members would boil. Having no want to bring people apart, Seamus saw the best option to leave the small church entirely. That is not to say issues had not arisen before, being an Eastern Catholic among Roman Catholics had the tendency to make people outraged in and of itself. With disposable income, much time, and passion, Seamus would at the age of 52 begin to use his resources to see first-hand the many things he had read about in the Theological world. He would pack lightly and travel around the galaxy to the biggest of cities and the smallest of villages in attempts to learn more about the way of life there and the belief that they held. Having to be mostly self-sufficient, his skills as a medical doctor would come to pay off in the more impoverished areas of the world and he would stay months at a time in villages who were in times of crisis and helped them best he could. The majority of his literary works would come from this nearly two decades long time of travel.

He would settle back down again at the age of 73, resigning from his travels (as he attributes to his old age). Somewhere along the way he would be influenced to start his career with Nanotrasen. He's been under their employment for nearly seven years now.

Career Information

Qualified Positions


Medical Doctor




Doctorate of Theology

Doctorate of Philosophy

Medical Aptitudes/Specializations


General Surgery

General Practice

General Information

Recorded Family:

Seamus V. Flanigan II --- Father ---[DECEASED]

Veronica S. Quintaro --- Mother ---[DECEASED]

Susan Q. Flanigan ----- Step-Mother

George V. Flanigan --- Brother

Logan P. Flanigan ----- Brother ---[DECEASED]

Bella S. Flanigan ------ Sister

Caroline R. Flanigan ---- Spouse---[DECEASED]

Eugene V. Flanigan ----- Son

Alice R. Flanigan --- Daughter-[DECEASED]

Known Online Accounts/Identities:

Most Popular Published Works:

"Religious Medicine" c.2420

"Analysis of Judaism" c. 2429

"Protestant History" c. 2425

"Records of Faith: Adhomai" c. 2431

"Contrast of Th'akh and Sk'akh" c. 2431

"Theories & History: Monotheism" c. 2419

"Analytical Study of Ancient Anatomy" c. 2440

"Travel Log from the Frontier" c. 2436

"Adeste Fideles (Come all ye' Faithful)" c. 2450

"Grim" c. 2399

"Journal of a Runaway" c. 2452

Physical Appearance (Circa. 2417)



Medical History:

Sometime in his later 50's, he contracted a type of small cell lung cancer (SCLC) which was treated in it's earlier stages. He was a chain smoker at the time and has since quit smoking all-together.

Employment Information:

He holds various degrees into the fields of medicine, despite his devout religious following. He has studied primarily theology over the years, compiling and publishing several of his studies and observations. His studies are often the center of some controversies.

He is well known being able to write in nearly eight different languages, and speak in five. Is also able to communicate in sign language.

Side Notes:

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I don't get this.


He is a ranking of Priest within that of the Eastern Orthodoxy and at the age of 71 was officially given honors by the pope himself for his works into the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


1. Char ain't even catholic. 2. Pretty outlandish to have in that kinda stuff in an employee record and 3. What award exactly? One that you made up just for this occasion?

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I don't get this.


He is a ranking of Priest within that of the Eastern Orthodoxy and at the age of 71 was officially given honors by the pope himself for his works into the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


1. Char ain't even catholic. 2. Pretty outlandish to have in that kinda stuff in an employee record and 3. What award exactly? One that you made up just for this occasion?


The many edits I make, I always end up looking over dis stuff. Blegh. I was struggling to remember which religion it was and ended up picking one. As for the awards, I purposely made it a bit vague. As for studies I did as to what you can honorarily be made by that of a pope they were all a bit-...Off, and it seemed difficult to put an express title granted. The implied thing isn't that an award itself wasn't given out, just a...y'know...Good word.

It is pretty outlandish, yeah. Just thought having those little details would be fun, especially when trying to establish a known man of the cloth.

Apologies for a lot of the stuff that's been done today personally, I'm sick and on all sorts of meds, so trying to fight some things through the daze to put down some facts. Some of this stuff is due for change like the religion and other things that I can work out the time to research a bit better than a few minutes.

EDIT: I knew it. Looked back at my sources for the character and messed up my Catholics. Let's just change that thar...

EDIT 2: The thing with the honorary title still wasn't intended to be made up, but the major conflict I was having was with the Monsignor stuff and how it'd play with a mostly independent priest and still trying to keep everything flowing. For sake of simplicity, I'll just remove it in place of his actual works.

Forget it all. Just decided to redo the whole thing on new information. I think it looks better!

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