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Actual holo-shell


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I know, I know - it was a LUXURY that someone decided to show up and code the wonderful implementation of IPCs we have now.

But I dig the idea of giving an actual holo-shell. Would look like the AI's images overlaid over a standard IPC frame, complete with translucence.

I mean - to me it doesn't sound complex since it seems like the tech is there (since the AI can adopt the image of a crewmember, AND we have the new tech to make IPC shells happen) but I don't know.

I just want a holo-skinned IPC.

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This would pose a few problems in game. For instance, killing a holographic image doesn't strike me as something that can be done very well, and from an in game standpoint, a hologram that isn't networked to the stations systems cannon do anything other than ram its projector into buttons (somehow) and such, which would be an extremely inefficient worker.

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