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Staff Complaint - Teneza (Rollerbed in combat)

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BYOND Key: NebulaFlare

Staff BYOND Key: Tenenza (No hate to you Ten. I completely respect the warning. I was an SS13 mod for a very, very short amount of time, and I know it can be utter chaos)

Reason for complaint:

During a Nuke OP round on 9/23/2457, I received the following warning:


Buckling a Nuke op into a rollarbed while a doctor, then accidently closing a firelock onto them, thus causing a bug in which the nuke op was infinitely stunned.


This is what happened at my PoV:

I was playing my IPC nursing intern Echo. Medical monitors indicate a miner was hurt at cargo, so I rushed over. I arrive just in time to see a Nuke OP wielding a shovel (Of all things) and bashing the poor miner. The Miner temporarily escapes, and the nuke OP, (without any arpee may I add) runs to the cargo tech at the desk and bashes him up as well. I half-assisted him in getting over the desk and out of harm's way, the AI opens the door, and I run in trying to get the miner out of harm's way next, since he was very close to crit.

Instead, I end up trapped in the cargo office with the nuke OP, the miner probably escaping in the room below. First intention was trying to avoid the fight, but since I realized I had nowhere else to go, and the nuke OP wasn't pulling out any guns, I began to fight back, disarming and trying to grab him. My technique was trying to push him down/grab his shovel and grab ahold of him to lay him on the table. As far as I'm concerned, this is an acceptable tactical move in SS13 combat.

During the fight, he manages to stand still long enough on top of the roller bed I dropped, and I buckle him into the bed. I do have cables in my possession, (I'm an IPC, if I get damaged I can ask people to repair me) and hastily made cable cuffs. He unbuckles. We continue to fight. I manage to do it again and either from the AI or the miner, (probably the miner trying to escape) opens the door and firelocks. I accidentally push the bed through the door, and the firelocks close on top of the Nuke OP.

Honestly, I didn't even know that could work. I tried to cable-cuff him while he was not moving (nooo idea that he was convinced he was stun-locked) but couldn't. First assumption, he didn't have one of his hands. Zairjah had arrived in the middle of the fight, (as detailed here:http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3703) And after everything had calmed down, sec arrives to drag the Nuke OP away.

After that, I was contacted by Teneza by what was considered abusing a bug mechanic. I spoke to them and told them that pushing the nuke OP into the shutters was indeed accidental. Also, as Alberyk was kind enough to test himself, proved it was actually not a stunlock. The warning I received was based purely on using a rollerbed in the fight.

I wasn't going to make a complaint originally, but when I told others what happened in OOC, they made a point that what I did was not actually powergamey. If I may quote them, that the Nuke OP was salty he lost a fight. The notion of me being a doctor in a fight, is well...my snowflake backstory for Echo can't be used to explain this. So I'm gonna go in detail of what happened.

1. it was fight or flight. I had nowhere to run, and after I realized he was armed with a shovel and not a gun, I had an actual chance to fight back. A gun? I would have run from because a few shots would do quite the damage.

2. The Nuke OP attacked the cargo tech WITHOUT WARNING OR ARPEE. I saw this guy as someone who wouldn't give a single second of breathing room to an opponent. He ran for me when all I wanted was to sneak in and save the miner. First observation is this guy was going to show me no mercy - I had to defend myself in every possible way I could. So, I fought back with disarm.

I buckled him into a bed. Yes, I did. I used a piece of equipment that was lying around that I knew how to use. I didn't grab a wrench or crowbar lying around and start bashing at him - for all intents and purposes, I was trying to stop him in the most harmless way possible. I think I did a pretty decent job as a doctor in combat. The bed was right there and I used it to 'trip' him. And, it worked.

Shutters opening and me pushing him in? I actually cringed at myself because I thought he would break free and go after the dying miner in the process. But nope, guess not.

I've done a few other things that would better warrant a warning than this, two other incidents off the top of my head. Both while causing a lot of distress to the person involved, I deeply apologized and made an effort not to repeat the incident. But is buckling a rollerbed really powergaming? He got out of it the first time. I would love to do that again in the future! The only powergaming thing would be the stunlock which is both 1: a complete accident and 2: not even a legit stunlock as proven by Alberyk.

I'll be honest; if I had managed to get a good grip on him near a table, I would have flattened his backside on that. And that would have resulted in a longer stun than a buckling. By definition, would have been more powergaming than the rollerbed. And yet, as far as I know, grab-and-table is a totally acceptable mechanic in combat.

I don't have any grudges on you, Tenz. Not at all. I wasn't gonna write this out until 3-4 people in OOC convinced me this was actually a debatable warning. The warning blemished my stellar 'no-warnings received' log too. I lieked my no-warning log. >.o

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First off, something not particularly important:

This is the happiest day of my fucking moderation career! I've waited nine months for a complaint, and I get two! In the same day! YES! That isn't sarcasm. Seriously. I've always wanted one of these. It's everything I've every dreamed of. Suck it Incog! I finally got that damn complaint! You owe me a goddamn cookie! NEVER MAKE A BET WITH TENENZA. It's like a double birthday. My life-force vita is literally draining out of me, I can feel my life span dropping by the years as it materializes into delicious presents of birthday cake. This is the greatest.

Ahem, professsionalism:

Firstly, I open myself and my actions to review by the public, and acknowledge that my judgement may have been incorrect.

Secondly: As it has been proven that it wasn't actually a stunlock, as I had though previously, I regret on my prior judgement, and am willing to lift the warning, and will do so.

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Seems that nobody's responded in forever so I'll chime in. I was observing the conversation at the time and I thought it was kind of silly to give a warning over that. It was a bug, it was entirely unintentional, and I don't think NebulaFlare even knew it existed at the time. It didn't influence the round very much either either; as far as I remember, the antag was just upset that they couldn't unbuckle but I don't think it would have made so much of a difference.

So, yeah. I kind of want it to disappear too.

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