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Laws of War

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Basically, what are the laws of war in this new, crazy universe? This is spawned from a little idea that popped in my head, of nuke ops hiding in the chapel to evade security, citing the Geneva Convention's protection of religious buildings. But then I realized the Geneva Convention might not mean shit anymore. I expect the SA might might still used it, slightly modified, the everyone else would make their own, though I don't thing the Unathi or Tajarans would have their own.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The Geneva Convention, laws of war, and other such 'international law' has been dumped under the "Luna Convention of Galactic Law" or just called the "Luna Convention". It was signed on January 1st, 2320. It's the gist of the Geneva convention, which it replaced. It was adopted by literally all human factions, and the alien races all had to sign up to even begin trading with anyone.


Here's a summary for our own space needs, after skimming it for important bits.

-The symbol of the Interstellar Aid Corps (bluebay cross) identifies medical personnel. Don't shoot them. Don't even think about it.

-Don't pretend to be IAC. Pretending to be a humanitarian worker is a war crime.

-Don't torture anyone, especially prisoners. I'm looking at you, unathi. It's a war crime.

-Don't kill someone if they've surrendered and are no longer a threat. Also after shooting them hand them to a doctor. Also, it's agreed that shooting through hostages to hit the hostage taker is bad.

-Wounded and sick on either side of a conflict are to be given care. Antags included. Just hand the changling over to the CMO for the bruise on its leg, jesus christ.


-Release all the enemies after the war is over. Just do it, ffs.

-The IAC is given special permission to be super-red-cross. They can meet with prisoners privately, tend to them, monitor their care, etc etc. All access hippies.

-Medbay is a neutral zone. Keep it sacred. Lesbay is a force of good.

-Unless someone is actively lying about their alleigance, they're to be treated equally as anyone else. RP-rev's glorious liberation soldiers aren't outside protection, as long as they proclaim their intentions I guess.

-War criminals are tried by the IAC in the moon caves.

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