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Employee documenation A1689

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--Accessing private employee records--

--Diona section: Seed That Breaks The Earth: selected--

Chosen name: The Seed That Breaks The Cracked Earth As The Blazing Sun Rises Over The Mountain

---Note: Head of Personnel drank a large bottle of wine after documenting this name---

Shortened name: Seed That Breaks The Earth

Occupation: Engineer---Occupational Skills: Heavy repairs, EVA work---

--Overall Description by co-workers: "Seed's as big as an actual tree!"--"His heart's bigger than himself. and that's sayin' something."--

--Official description: "I'm not believing that B******* about Dionaea being smarter the bigger they are, you'd swear this thing is just a big lump of wood until you get it to fix something! just send the thing in the direction of a breach and lay back and relax, the thing's almost impossible to kill, who'd care if it got sucked into space? it's on minimum wage already!"--

--History: Seed was grown on a Skrell exploration ship and from its own account, it learned to do small repairs around the ship. when the ship docked at a station to fuel, an official spotted Seed when he was negotiating the price for fuel with the Skrell captain, and made an offer of employment to Seed. the Skrell captain haggled the price, but the official managed to get the Diona for 100 credits, the official was then promoted for their ability at being an astonishing haggler, also known as: cheapskate. the Diona was assigned as an engineering apprentice for several shifts until their skill was deemed valuable enough to promote them, yet unbeknowest to the Diona. it is being paid minimum wage. sources doubt that the Diona would care, as it has shown great love for its work and its co-workers.--

--Employee image: Not obtained.-- (ie: I'm busy with school and maybe I'll find time to draw a picture of Seed when things calm down.)

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