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Supply BIO Suits


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Hello, so the title speaks. I cant believe we dont have BIO Suits crate for ordering from cargo. I dont remember how many times there were Bio Hazards alerts and the capt/Hos/CMO asks me for bio suits and we can only order esterile equipment masks/gloves. And maybe if we got enough points some medical EVA suits, but thats not what they were made for.

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Last game people got sick and just exploded because of a disease. Captain wanted bio suits to prevent more people to die , but guess what? cargo has no bio suits. I really think we need them for Hazards and infections like this



"captain noticing no cargo suits from console"

Im also planning to do another topic with more suggestions and making cargo more useful in emergency situations. But i think this is the highest priority at the moment.

Waiting for reply. Thanks

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