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Employee Record: Jordan Bell


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Name: Jordan Hawkins Bell

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 3/15/2415

Blood Type: A-

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Gray

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 lbs

Alias: "Hawke"

Religion: Agnostic

Home System: Sol

Citizenship: Mars/Joint


Jordan was born March 13th, 2415 and was raised by a single mother in the city-state of "Shì chǐlún" of Mars. He grew up to a low-income lifestyle, in one of the lower areas of his Arcology. He had no known family besides that of his mother.

Growing up in Shì chǐlún, he was the ethnic minority as being of European decent, and had trouble integrating for a long time and faced a great deal of discrimination. As a young adult he'd grown to know the police of his nearby area very well, as he had stayed overnight in jail enough times that he called it his "Weekly Appointment". He was violent, belligerent, and an overall detriment during his youth. He did not participate in major crime, but he was enough of a troublemaker to trouble police regularly. His mother, who worked to provide her family as a clerk at a nearby business, would come to fall very ill on account of overworking herself. Responsibility shifted, and Jordan quickly found himself needing to find legitimate work so that he could provide for his mother. Observing the hard time police had in the area dealing with crime, what it is they had to go through, and at the suggestion of a friend within the force, Jordan signed up as a Police Cadet with his local station and begun his training to become a Police Officer.

It was around this point that Jordan's attitude and demeanor would slowly begin to transform into a much more productive member of society. The balance of having responsibility and a mutual understanding with those that he had to arrest made him much more considerate and thoughtful about what he said and did. Having never been academically inclined, Jordan narrowly passed the Academy Exams and excelled in the physical portion, becoming an officer in the year of being a cadet. He'd work several years with the local force. He was heavily noted within the force as being the "People Cop" or generally the most cooperative officer in his precinct. He was also cited as having a distaste for the standard gear issued to him and used it sparingly, preferring to use his words to settled disputes and calm others down. He was capable, though, of bringing down any suspect and maintained a strict athletic regiment and diet to which he still does. During his time with the police, he self enrolled himself through college and got an associates degree in communication. Rising very slowly in the ranks, he eventually found himself in the rank of Sergeant for several years, in charge of supervision and guidance of the patrol officers in his precinct and relaying orders down the chain. He was also responsible for the introductory training for cadets fresh out of school and getting them used to the work. Thinking if he had remained in this place where he was the minority and was separated from his peers, he would come to leave Mars.. When his mother passed away five years after joining the precinct, having fallen victim to heart disease, he would resign his position and seek out work outside of Mars. He would be employed with Nanotrasen since the age of 36, working entirely in the security force for the next six years of his life.

During his Nanotrasen Security Cadet training and throughout his career, he'd use his savings to enroll into university and (With much effort) obtain a Bachelors Degree in Law Enforcement. Later on, during his years as an official member of the private security force and with experience he learned on-hand in his time with the Martian police force, he'd pursue specialization in criminal negotiation and would participate in crisis training regularly. He had helped the manage the squad under him and keep them properly in line for almost eight years.

Career Information

Qualified Positions

Security Officer



Bachelors in Law Enforcement

Associates in Communication

Security Aptitudes/Specializations

Police Negotiation Methods

Crisis Training

Training and Human Resource Management

General Information

Recorded Family:

Airis H. Bell --- Mother ---[DECEASED]

Known Online Accounts/Identities:

Physical Appearance

Medical History:

Three major inhibiting wounds have been recorded for Jordan Bell:

The first of which is the loss of his right eye during his time as a police officer. In dealing with a dispute in a bar, a glass bottle was smashed to the right side of his head. The bottle shattered, so while the blunt force smashed through the socket of his eye, it was also lacerated by glass shards which also pierced through the skin in other nearby areas. While the scars on his skin healed cleanly, his eye could not be salvaged. When asked if he would opt for a bionic replacement, he denied.

His entire left arm has been amputated and replaced with a mechanical prosthesis. This incident was caused by an accident in which he fell from one of the higher ledges of his arcology. The end result was landing on some jagged metal that severed his arm cleanly. Emergency personnel were not able to re-attach the arm in time.

His right arm is replaced as well, being the most recent of his injuries. In this very same year, he was called out to an issue outside of station and suited up for EVA. Upon leaving the station, he was attacked by a swarm of carp that resulted in the loss of his right arm. Due to malfunctions with medical equipment, it could also not be re-attached in time.

Side Notes:

Fluent in Sol Common, Common, Gutter, and Chinese Mandarin.

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