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Incident Report, Jack Thomas, 10/15/2457


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Reporting Personnel:Katelynn Mcmullen

Rank of Reporting Personnel:Geneticist

Personnel Involved: Jack Thomas, Chief Medical Officer; Alisa Keener, Medical Doctor; Doctor Beach, Medical Doctor.

Time of Incident: Between 12:20 and 13:10, GST.

Location of Incident:Medbay, Genetics lab, Cryo.

Nature of Incident: [x]Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [x]Neglect of Duty []Harassment [x]Assault [x]Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident: This is spanning three separate incidents, each of which I will list below, as they all occurred in the same shift...

Incident 1: I heard around 12:20 in the shift that the CMO, Jack Thomas, was assaulted by Doctor Beach with a surgical saw. When I came into medical general, I found the CMO bloodied, but unharmed, and Doctor Beach severely injured and bloodied. I began treating Doctor Beach (whose injuries extended to a severe laceration on their chest, several fractured ribs, damage to their internal organs, as well as sepsis setting in) when the CMO ordered me to stop treating them, and that their injuries were to be treated /after/ security dealt with them. I ignored his unreasonable request, but sedated Doctor Beach as a safety precaution after treating his laceration and infection. I placed him on a roller bed outside of surgery, expecting the CMO to treat him. He didn't until nearly 40 minutes after that.

Incident 2: This happened at roughly 12:35. An engineer came into medbay in a stasis bag. The CMO moves the bag near cryo and immediately puts them into cryo. The engine had only been setup roughly ten minutes ago, so cryo was not cold enough to be used effectively yet... So they place them into cryo /without/ treating any of their injuries. Their injuries amounted to: radiation damage, removal of both legs (they were robotic and were destroyed by an EMP), severe damage to their groin, and the near entire destruction of their robotic eyes. This also caused their groin to be fractured. I saw that they had robotic limbs that had been damaged, so I went to grab a welder to repair them and when I came back, I noticed that their damage was slowly healing. This means their damage was not to their robotic limbs.. So, I take them out and scan them, only to find out that their limbs were removed, and their groin had still not been bandaged... I treated the extremely severe damage to their groin, commissioned two new legs from robotics, and asked the CMO for anti-radiation medication. The damage was not severe at this point, so a minor medication would have been fine. The CMO goes off to make arithrazine, which is significantly more powerful than hyronalin and should only be used in the most extreme cases... ultimately, he never even ended up administering the medication to them.

Incident 3: This occurred after we obtained a surgical android. In surgery, I noticed that the patient did not have internals on, and were instead sedated.. I decided not to speak up, since they appeared to be unconscious regardless. After their groin was repaired, I took them into the genetics lab to replace their legs. I placed them on internals and began replace their limbs with robotic limbs, and the CMO comes in, tears of their internals, and shouts that they were allergic to the sleeping agent we use and that they have seen someone die in seconds before on that stuff. This was ridiculous to me, as I have never seen a single documented case of someone being allergic to sleeping agent.. Regardless, I attempted to look up their medical records, only to find them non-existent. They had been removed from the system somehow. It was at this point that the CMO stabbed them in the hand with a syringe. It was intentional and malicious. I ordered the android to remove him from my lab so that I could finish up the replacement of the limbs.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: I did. I reported it to Walter Crane, Internal Affairs Agent. Unfortunately, an incident occurred that prevented the discussion between us from continuing, so I opted to file the complaint at a later time.

Additional notes: The patient will still require additional treatment after this incident, which will ultimately cost NanoTrasen a fair amount of money, as this is a workplace accident. This is unprofessional, and bordering on criminal. Additionally, Doctor Keener also reported a separate incident with the CMO to which I was not present. You may wish to speak with her for more information.

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