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MoralsManners Unban Application

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BYOND Key: MoralsManners

Total Ban Length: Permanently

Banning staff member's Key: BakaGaijin

Reason of Ban: Giving Pan Pan noodles that had Gibbingston disease in it as a self-antag, knowing it had said virus injected into it. Spreading the virus across the station and causing the deaths of the majority of the station. Doing something similar two days ago that resulted in less deaths and more of a general annoyance. Generally abusing the virologist job.

Reason for Appeal: I genuinely enjoy roleplaying on the server, normal non-antag roleplay with my friends on the server. I think Aurora is the current best server on SS13 because of the harmonious mix of peaceful roleplaying and conflict, which is usually neither too dull nor too chaotic. I realize I've been overstepping my bounds and how thin the ice would be for me if I were to be unbanned, I just want one more chance to stay on the right path and have fun roleplaying with my friends. It's in no way a justifiable excuse, but having never been naturally selected as an antag by the RNG, I wrongly took out my frustrations through abusing my job as a virologist. All I want to do now is make amends for what I've done during the round by showing that I can follow the rules.

Attached below is an apology in my poor mouse-handwriting to everyone I effected during that round.



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I am very reluctant to lift this ban, due to the fact you did the same thing two days before you were permabanned. You were told that this was wrong. Then you made a virus. Not any virus, but a virus with Gibbington's. You put a cup of ramen in a public place and asking people to drink from it. You killed up to 16+ people with this outbreak. All as a non-antagonist twice. Even though you're saying you're here for roleplay, your actions reflect more than your words with encouraging people to drink a highly deadly virus in a ramen cup. I am not going to be the one lifting the ban.


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Baka, I know after some of the things I've done it's hard to believe that I genuinely like the server for the roleplay. But I promise I do love the roleplay, I'd do anything to get back onto the server. I'd take permanent job bans to all medical jobs if that's what it took. I mean, I know how thin of ice I would be on after coming back, and I wouldn't be writing all of this just so I could mess up again and get banned in five minutes. I'm writing this because I know how immature I was acting before, and that I feel I've changed and wouldn't do what I did again.. Regarding your link, since that has happened I've actually became friends with XXTheFurryXx among other people.

I've changed, so please consider giving me one last chance.

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Speaking to Doom about your unban appeal, he has this to say:

ADMIN: Doomberg/(Avery Dawkins) (JMP): He griefs several times in a row and, almost minutes after he's permabanned, makes an appeal saying he's changed.

ADMIN: Doomberg/(Avery Dawkins) (JMP): Ain't how it works, I don't think.

And I agree.

For now, I am hesitant to have you come back so quickly after what you done, considering a lot of people died and the round was essentially severely ruined. Maybe in a month my opinion will change, but right now I feel like some time needs to pass before I can accept this.

Denied. Please reappeal in a month.

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