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Blizzard's Whitelist Application - IPC

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BYOND Key: InquisitorJohn

Character Names: Kyra Willoughby, Augustus Forsythe.

Species you are applying to play: Integrated Positronic Chassis.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): -

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I wish to be whitelisted as an IPC for the reason most highlight when applying for a race. As a roleplayer, I thoroughly enjoy to be able to roleplay different concepts and characters, personalities, and so on. To roleplay an IPC means exactly that, to allow me to try an entire new concept of roleplay and way of gameplay. Personally, I chose IPC over any of the other races because I believe it's a concept I could get easily adapted to, and one I would certainly enjoy. After a talk with one of the players regarding the IPC race and it's explanation, I believe it's what I like the most, yet I would still like to try other races sooner or later.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

IPCs, as perhaps all the races do, differ from humans in several characteristics, but these are mostly physical characteristics, rather than society-wise or emotional-wise. The physiology of an IPC is entirely different to that of a human, which can vary from IPC to IPC, depending on the model built. Generally speaking, IPCs are composed of a complex system of wiring and metallic structures within, along with some hardware to allow their movement as part of their 'skeleton'. They also hold an entirely different brain from what a human would, these brains being in most cases entirely synthetic. One of the more highlighted characteristics about their brains are that they can be moved from body to body, no matter size or shape, and can also be functional without a body. IPCs do not eat, drink, breathe or sleep. They obtain the energy they utilize for movement, thought and so on from APCs. Due to their mechanical self, many IPCs tend to be considered lower beings than humans, yet they are seeming to come closer and closer to social acceptance, specially for the shell IPCs, those who wear synthetic skin over their mechanical skeletons and seem like a human, often mistaken to be one. While not entirely different from humans - since they were made to be like humans - IPCs are a new experience, given the new principles they must follow to keep themselves alive and how this will affect their interaction with others.



Character Name: Hypatia.

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Created by Doctor John Churchill, Hypatia is an Integral Positronic Chassis created and designed by a small team of roboticists in an early minor project on IPC self-awareness and deep-thought capabilities, led by Churchill himself, that of which took place almost immediately after the "IPC technology Boom". Hypatia's personality was scarcely designed. It was provided basic guidelines for the chassis to follow, accurately resembling the basic instincts of a human, along with self-developing software.. Early testing resulted in Hypatia manifesting savage behaviour, only what could be described as an aggressive primate. From this point on, further developing of Hypatia's self continued, yet tried to leave it's personality almost untampered. After several months of research, the team ultimately provided Hypatia with the fundamental human needs; subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity and freedom. Testing with such programming proved to be a success. Hypatia had acquired decent human behaviour. With the correct stimuli, the research team successfully managed to drive the self-develop software to mold Hypatia into a critical-thinking being, and it was not long before she began to question her surroundings, who she was, what she was. Over the course of several months, Hypatia grew more and more curious towards her own existence, as well as life itself. She grew inquisitive and isolated, devoted as much as her creators were on her very self - to the point she was occassionally allowed to participate in team discussions regarding the very research.

After Doctor Churchill's sudden death few years later, the project went downhill almost instantly. Without the lead, the motivation dropped largely. Funding decreased drastically, and eventually, the project had to be shut down. Having found no point in subjecting Hypatia into further investigation, she was ultimately set free by the researchers. Her very creators gathered a collective sum of money from their own accounts to give to Hypatia, and thus send her on her way. From there on, the female chassis wandered around NanoTransen, living off the little capital she had. She was assigned to do minor tasks such as cleaning and cooking in several stations.

Only several months, she could afford to buy herself a Genetics software to install, that which would give her the knowledge to practice Basic Life Support and be able to practice Genetics. Once installed, she was later assigned to the NSS Aurora, which from there on she would be working as the Geneticist she dreams to be, in the quest of finding out what life really is and means.

What do you like about this character?

Everything, really. I've molded Hypatia into a mixture of concepts I enjoy, from being an IPC to being having a philosopher-like demeanor. I made her personality the way I portrayed it in my mind, with some guidance from few players around. Her backstory being, not necessarily unique, but rather interesting - speaking for myself, at least.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I do not believe myself to be the perfect roleplayer, and perhaps scarcely reaching decent levels of such. I have been roleplaying for quite some time now, and yet, even after such long time, I still find myself learning new and new stuff and learning how to improve my roleplay every day. i do make mistakes often every now and then, and personally it does not bother me. You can only learn from a mistake.



Notes: -

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