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Thought experiment: On the nature [...] of Bluespace

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On the Nature of Existence and Bluespace, and Notes on Potential Implications

A thought experiment on Space, Bluespace, Slimes and other unexplainable artifacts.

Author: Sybil Rosetta-Sigma


It always struck me as strange that, despite how commonly used it is, how little answers we had regarding Bluespace.

We use it for transportation. It drives our science through it's anomalies - some of which we manage to replicate for our purposes.

And thus I have decided to put out a starting ground - a thought experiment - on the nature of Space, Bluespace and Existence itself, which can be summed up as such:

Bluespace, as we call it, is not in fact a pocket dimension, but a possible manipulation of Space by means of extradimensional anchoring.

Before diving into the reasoning, it is important for me to clearly define some terms:

-Space - non-capitalized refers to, for the purposes of this text, all volume that is neither enclosed in any structure or pressurized via artificial or natural atmosphere. Capitalized, Space is defined as the multidimensional field matrix in which all Matter, Energy and Information may occur, exist and interact.

-Energy - when not capitalized, refers to the mathematical definition of 'potential work derived from the physical or chemical alteration of matter'. When capitalized, Energy is defined as all forces tangible in Space that are a result of a transfer or change in entropy.

-Matter, when not capitalized, is to be interpreted as the standard definition of 'all tangible particles that make up the percievable universe, which occupies volume and has rest mass'. When capitalized, it is defined as all verifiable Energy quanta which has a sufficient density to interact with the percieved world - which includes matter, photons, bosons, mesons, tachyons and all other dual-state or wavelike semiparticles.

-Motion. When not capitalized, standard definition of the vectorial change of position in relation to another body. When capitalized, it is defined as all results of the applications of Energy to Matter, and the subsequent change state that Matters finds itself in during such a scenario.

With these terms defined, the hypothesis is as follows:

Bluespace, in the form suggested by Doctor Tigard, is only approximately correct - while what she described is of undeniable verificability, is incomplete - akin to attributing directly the existence of sound to the presence of air. The sub-dimensional pocket described would be, in fact, a spacio-physical alteration of one of the components of space which allows local distortion, or changes, to the laws of physics which rule Space - and the real Bluespace would infact be a greater sphere of existence - which implies that Space is in fact not technically a single entity, but the intersection between several spheres of existence which gives it's order to Space, and of which each individual .

In fact, I am lead to believe, through my experience (most notably through xenoarcheologic and telescientific discoveries) that Bluespace may be the ruling sphere of Entropy, for several reasons - most notably the fact that, as previously stated, the interactions we have with it has allowed faster-than-light travel which was impeded due to issues with Energy - as imparting motion requires Motion, and Motion requires Energy - but Matter is a form of Energy and as such there comes a point where more Energy becomes Matter than Motion.

I am almost certain that Bluespace is one of seven such spheres - the easiest one to access. I do not know what the other dimensions do. But I most certainly know that the real Bluespace is very nearly within our grasp - and should this idea be correct, and someone find a reliable method of accessing Bluespace as defined above, the implications and applications would go as follows:

First of all, Bluespace crystals in energy generation. Synthetic ones, as far as I am aware, are made from carbon, silicon and iron - respectively the Matter that are found at the end of a small star's Motion, found at the end of a large star's Motion and physically the heaviest element that a star's Motion can produce - which, since starts are ruled by Entropy, make sense as candidates for a catalyst in interaction with Bluespace. However, what makes them Bluespace-capable instead of simply being crystals of ferrous carbosilicate is the fact that they have been excited to the point of self-induced Motion - which also means that it is a metastable but highly self-contained source of Energy - and so further studying of it's properties may yield capacitors with an unseen capacity, up until a critical point. That critical point, I believe, is what makes Bluespace crystals different from Supermatter cores - which I am lead to believe are simply critically-excited bluespace crystals core, which initiate a direct connection to Bluespace - and since, for at least the synthetic ones, it is still made of Matter - that Energy is released as heat (and since it takes energy directly from Bluespace, the only reason why supermatter engines are not eternal is that the amounts of Energy involved in such a connection are so immense, and so self-actuating that it is quite simply a runaway reaction that we, using our limited technological capabilities, slow down to usable levels temporarily). As such, research in crystalline self-regulation (or simply mechanical or chemical self-regulation) and in miniaturization of such technologies may yield improved capacitors and, quite possibly, generator-cells that would render all current engine and power cell technology obsolete.

And on the subject of self-regulation, I am lead to believe that we already have a research route in that matter. Slimes. Slimes, if I am correct, are in fact lifeforms that, through some freak incident or exposition to natural Bluespace crystals, have managed to initiate an organic, limited but self-regulating connection to Bluespace - and as such, most forms only require basic nutrition to hold the portal open. By that logic, however - Slimes would also be the single most energy-intensive organism we know. But that much I know for sure - slimes ARE the key to safe, unlimited power (and, technically speaking, they already are - with a proper power network, a small farm of Purple, Yellow and Grey slimes could power a whole space station already - the only reason why this is not ideal is because of how much effort and danger is involved with such a project) - from the forms I have seen, they can already be used to generate matter, alter temperatures (increasing or decreasing) and otherwise manage all that would be required to harness the power of Bluespace.

There is also the possibility of extremely long-range teleportation. Our shuttles already use tremendous powers to interface with Bluespace to give us immense speeds. But by entering Bluespace proper (like I suspect some early probes did), it may be possible to cut any transportation to as short as mere seconds (with our current power technology) to maybe even spontaneous (however, since Bluespace is still technically a component of Space, my work in Telescience seems to indicate that gravity is ALSO a product of entropy, and so the field of transdimensional ballistics will be created - I already know of several AIs that can do such calculations on-the-fly with Telescience) - and possibly extraspatial usages (such as plotting courses to other galaxies). And there is a branch of my calculations that denote that since Motion is directly the result of a change of entropy, it may be possible to use Bluespace to apply negative Motion - which, in very short, may have three effects: accessing a version of the past, force a time stasis in which, while everything could be interacted with, all time-dependent microfunctions (most notably chemistry) would cease to be active (or slowed if a partial field is made) (which, according to estimates, can be dangerous if not lethal to organic life - partial chronostasis would cause severe nerve and muscle damage due to the denaturation of the cells at the edge of the field, and complete chronostasis, if imperfect, may cause severe issues such as increased chances of Sudden Sleep Disorder or other neurological damage - and even perfect chronostasis fields may be dangerous) OR chemical rejuvenation (of which the practical uses are mostly limtied to reinforcing materials and treating material fatigue).

And finally, if my formulas are correct, Bluespace (as was suggested by Tigard in her original theory of Bluespace) can hold matter indefinitely - and possibly create it. Which means that, if enough advances are made in the field (as we already have some forms of bluespace storage), could be used in four steps implement (at least if Bluespace is proven not to be harmful to life). First, proper implementation of Bluespace storage, which would greatly expand on all production aspects of this society - from mining to manufacturing to transportation. Second step, machine miniaturization - a natural expansion on Bluespace storage - instead of storing inert materials, a whole machine - whether it be an autolathe, a drone fabricator or a whole factory - is put or constructed in Bluespace - and as such, with proper planning, it would be possible to have the production power of a whole manufactory line inside a device barely bigger than the largest product it makes. Third, colony augments - from what I hear, it is a harsh truth to everyone who has ever lived planetside that space is a premium. Building on the idea of a Bluespace factory, whole colony segments (hydroponics, treatment or water and atmosphere, energy generation) could be built into Bluespace and connected directly to the networks - leaving every single bit of planet area be a living space to be molded into whatever is desired - a view, places to meet, natural parks or simply a mega-city of apartment blocks. But no longer will it be needed to sacrifice land for such necessities. And finally, the final obvious step - Bluespace colonies. With the proper advances in energy and Matter generation, it would most likely be trivial to construct mega-colonies in Bluespace, for an eternal expansion of organic life. Should this work, the Universe would no longer be anything than a source of convenience and tourism.


This is not meant to be taken as a purely scientific document - it is more akin to what ancient humans called philosophy.

Work is licensed under SCL-12 license, which states that:

All non-profit works derived from work is to include some form of reference to all authors who have contributed to particular branch of documents down to original inception of work

All work created with the intent, or with the effect, of profit must obtain authorization of usage from the author of both the latest and original document

All work derived from present document is to be filed with a SCL-12 license

Comments, suggestions and discussion welcomed.

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