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[Worryingly Remade] MoralsManners Ban Appeal

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Reason for Appeal:

Let me just start off with... the obvious, its clearly not been a month since the last time I made another ban appeal. I know, and I'm sorry. I already feel bad enough about the situation, including going against this thing that was asked of me. I know I'm probably taking a risk writing out another appeal so soon, but the cringe and regret I have for what I did is already hard enough to bear in the near-week I've already been banned. Doomberg, you said in reply that 'it doesn't work like that' in response of saying I've changed. Baka agreed, and I agree. I didn't change, because to change that would have to be who I usually am, and that's just not who I am usually. I do enjoy RP. I have enjoyed RP, and through all sorts of media. Garry's Mod is a large hug of SeriousRP, along with different MUD clients, which can act as text-based serious roleplay. and even things like private World of Warcraft serious roleplay servers and private Neverwinter Nights roleplay servers. My actions are my own, and I hold my self completely accountable from them, but my ignorance was from a mix of not seeing SS13 as a place where /serious/ and respectable roleplay could take place until I came to Aurora, and even then, I didn't know what I had found until it was gone.

Coming to these forums, I discovered this, I realize more than ever that this server deserves better than petty griefers. Roleplaying fills a gap in my life and gives a certain satisfaction through doing things I couldn't do in real life, from being a brain-washed policeman in a dystopian future, a knight serving under some fictional crown, to an employee aboard an advanced researching space station owned by a mega-corporation. I feel like none of these things right now can fill that hole, that feeling I get from roleplaying better than the latter. I just want this to be a bad memory, to me and to my friends who I surely embarrassed just by being banned. I want to be apart of this community again, just to show that I can. I know I will get scolded for not waiting the entire month.. And that's a given. But I just want to prove it to everyone that I won't be a further hindrance to the server, and that I want to help it grow, and have it help me grow as a person.

If there's a chance that the un-ban is negotiable, if there is anything you want to know or that I can say to help me be part of this community, please just ask. In this thread or personally, and I will be glad to answer..

BYOND Key: MoralsManners

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Bakagaijin

Reason of Ban: Multiple counts of virologist grief as a non-antag. Fore-going job-ban because I knew what I was doing.

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